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Awsurveys.com is Scam!

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Awsurveys.com is Scam


U may not beleive that Awsurveys.com is scam. It is True and I am 1 of the victim of this

scam site.I used to be active member of awsurveys.com and I was active meber of this site

for more than 8 months. I took me more than 7 months to get that 75$ minimum Payout but at

last i reached that amount of 75$ it was really tough to get that amount, to get referrals i

joined different forums, site & Chat Room I reguested user to join etc. After all that i

reached 75$ and hoped to get money and redeem my money via alertpay. Awsurveys.com said that it will take maximum of 5 days to get that money

I waited for more than 5 days but i didnot get that money.

My Awsurveys.com balance decreased for some days and again it got up 66$

(there was no new signups or surveys). I also send them message telling that i didnot got my

payment but they didnot responded. In this way I was SCAMMED!!!.

How I got to this scam site Awsurveys.com?

I was searching in internet via GOOGLE for free rapidshare Account it took my to one of the

blog. Author of that blog had recommended Awsurveys.com as there was 27$ signup bonus, 1$

for survey of 2 site 75$ minimum payout (he has also shown payment proof, don't know how he

got). As i read it seemed to be easy and I immediately signed up for that scam site

Awsurveys.com. After signing up completed all survey and earned 27$ and thought if i get a

survey of 1$ daily then i will get 75$ easily after some months but i was completely wrong!!

there was 1$ survey a month!!!I will take a years to get that minimum amount!!! So i began

to refer people and hardly earned 75$ and awsurvey is not paying me cuz this site

"Awsurveys.com" is scam site. It used us to earn money for themself. I request all users to

stop using this site.. THIS SITE IS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T WASTE UR TIME....

i have got minimum 2 times!!! and both time they did same.

It may use to pay in past to get member but now it doesnot pay

:spam: :spam: :spam:

stay away from this site if u r member of this site stop using it.. it won't pay!!

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Actually i use GlobalTestMarket.com

Though it's been more than two years and i've not reached necessary points and they keep sending surveys once or twice in a month, out of boredom i keep filling them.

Why I joined? A friend asked and i couldn't refuse him.


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OMG it sounds scary thanks for the info mate i'll stay away from it and such sites, i'll also tell my friends and family about it

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