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how to save a flash game?


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ya the best way is to load a website in ie ( any version) and go to it's temporary folder. and find .swf file.. this works in ie only..

i watched a video in 1 site and i searched file there but it was not there.. don't know where it get downloaded...

or u can use excellent firefox addon "download helper" http://www.downloadhelper.net/

u can use this to download any file frm any site ( basically vids,images etc)

if downloaded game is in .flv then manually change it to .swf

but video should be in .flv format.

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Yea also there must be a utility to change it to any offline files, or even exe (?)

i'm still testing things out, but one game i saved as .swf and when i played it, it opened up in my web browser

theres also FlashOffliner which i think converts the .swf file to something else, but allows you to manage multiple games you might have. it also enables you to play it w/o a browser. FlashOffliner is 'ok' but not great. its got some quirks i dont really like, but so far its the best i've found at managing them.

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You need the following programs to download a flash game and save it as exe file:

Download Flash2X Flash Hunter.

Download Flash2X EXE Packager.

Download Flash2X Flash Player.

Flash2X Flash Hunter is able to download flash games as SWF files and save them on your computer. SWF is flash file which can be played with Flash2X Flash Player.

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If you're using Firefox:

  1. Navigate to the page on the site that has the Flash game you'd like to download. When the game begins to load or play, you know you've reached the correct page.
  2. Click Tools in Firefox's top menu, then "Page Info".
  3. Click Media at the top of the new window that opens.
  4. In the top scrollbox, search for and click on an address that contains the SWF you'd like to download. These are often of the type Embed and may be grayed-out.
  5. Click the "Save As" button on the right side of the "Page Info" window, about two-thirds down the window.

This won't work for SWF games that require other resource files on the site, but it does work for standalone SWF files. :)

By the way, can somebody please erase my signature? The new forum software will not let me change it with my current post count. :( Thank you, N1K. :)

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