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How are addons?


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All of the ones I have released work fine...

Just did a fresh install a couple of days ago.

Also... You have this topic closed?

I opened it so I could reply, but I'll close it

back like you had it.

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Hey Legolash:

I have an idea but I don't know how feasible it is.

I use my vista disk on several different pc's (Not all use the same version, why I never got into vLite)

Can you make your app do a couple of the addons (like the theme ones?) to ALL versions and not disable the version choice? For when I migrate to Win7.

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Well Update Integrator and Driver Integrator let you select multiple images, so when updates have been integrated into one image it will move to the next selected image > integrate > next image, etc...

I will make it so you can select multiple images on the version select screen, all you would have to do is press "Select" > "Select All", or hold down control key to select each version you want :)

EDIT: LMAO, it was already done, i just forgot to enable it on the version selection screen which only required changing the "False" value to "True". Next release it should be available, so about.... 40 mins time, maybe less.

UPDATE: Done, update to the latest version to integrate addons into multiple versions. It will work with all addons!

*Integrate Addons into multiple versions

*Change W7T Temp Folder

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