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Aero Glass Transparency in Home Basic


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In cooperation with ~killermole23 I wish to present your the Hex method of getting Aero Glass in Home Basic! Enables both transparency and blur.

All you need to change in Aero.msstyles:

Find DF DF DF FF and change it with 00 00 00 00

Oh how mighty (Microsoft) have fallen. I wish to thank ~killermole23 for the VSB Method, without him, I wouldn't find this code. Expect a patcher soon.

For more details, both methods and step-by-step image tutorial visit:

Full tutorials and Video @ Windows Projects Community

Expect a patcher from Windows Projects Community soon.

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Guest snakecracker

Advertising of?

Another website. Also this looks to be warez.... ???

Will be looking into....

EDIT: That website post was not from you. It was posted by a different person.

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