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[Release] Game Pack 1.0


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Oh, Games. Those wonderful little time wasters.

The lowdown: 15 quality games in a less than 5 MB install.

I am what some may call a retro gamer. I like small, functional games which takes up little space and is quick to get into and out of. Games that work great when your head needs a little break. All my Windows setups has had a healthy portion of such games, providing a welcome diversion from the serious things. Recently I have reworked the collection, thrown out a few, added some and updated some others. So why keep all that work to yourself, if someone else might like it?

This collection has grown from the foundations of the ancient Windows Entertainment Pack from the times of Windows 3.1 (!). From that pack, only 3 games are still found worthy for inclusion, namely Jezzball, Tetravex and Slam!. Others, like Tripeaks, have been replaced by newer, better equivalents.

What to expect from these games:

-Free (or in some cases, abandonware)

-take up little hard drive space (high entertainment value per KB)

-High replayability

-Easy to learn (but difficult to master)

-Ability to complete a game in a short time

-Light on the system (basic copy/paste installation)

-No nagging or other annoyances (like opening a web page every time the game quits)

As you may have guessed most of the games I bothered to even consider has been thrown away. Of course, that's just my taste. ;)

The pack has 15 games, as following:

  • Arcade & Action
  • Pac Man EX 3 [web site] fun pacman clone
  • Slam! ancient air hockey game proves that graphics are far from everything
  • Winigolf [web site] handsome mini golf game
  • Jezzball the perfect "four minute break" game
  • Galaxian 2007 [web site] I love the resizable window!
    Boards & Cards
  • 1001 Card Game [web site] 3 players, 20 cards. Simple rules. Quick game.
  • Fences Build your fence while stopping your opponent in doing the same
  • Five in a Row also known as go moku. simple naughts and crosses variety
  • Reversi (Othello) I love this game, though even the beginner level (there are four) is quite a handful.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire Classic Solitaire, updated to suit modern resolutions
    Brain Teasers
  • 3D Maze Simply generates a old fashioned labyrinth for you to solve.
  • Bridge Building Game [web site] make the train pass the chasm, within budget
  • Sudoku 9 difficulty levels, infinite number of puzzles
  • TetraVex Logical, number-based puzzle
  • Concentration Game (Memory) couple up pairs of colors and figures

There's thrown inn a few pizzaz as well, like extra levels and graphics and changing the player's names in 1001 to cartoon superheroes. The thought of Spiderman playing cards with the Incredible Hulk and Batman always makes me chuckle.

A couple of screenshots:

Galaxian 2007


1001 Card Game


PacMan EX 3


Concentration Game








Bridge Building game


Potential issues: The games are tested as thoroughly as possible in just one installation. I have only found one problem, which in return is something of a mystery. The four oldest games (slam!, tetravex, fences and jezzball, using wowexec.exe to run) runs fine, but self destructs with some kind of error message as soon you try and use the game's menues. This tends not to happen in an untouched system, but users of (heavily) nLited installations might experience this. Please report back if this happens to you, and I'll be really happy if you had some theory on what's going on, as I'm totally at loss here.


This is a passive unattended install. You will see things happening on the screen when you click the installer. It is suitable either for direct installation wherever you may want, or during T12 in a windows installation.

File size: 4.79 MB

MD5 Hash: 959be0eef95d67524c3c8cd3f779f9be

Installs in: %programfiles%\games\gamepack

Shortcuts: %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Game Pack

Uninstall: Apologies, no proper unistall option. Simply delete the game pack folder, the shortcuts and a few .ini files which is created in the %Win% folder the first time the games are run.


PS: Esnips doesn't allow .exe files, so I renamed it Game pack.rar. Just rename it back to back to Game Pack.exe and you're good to go.

PS2: There's a few more suitable games which could add nicely into the same Game Pack menu. If there proves to be any interest, I'll put them out.

Remember: Games don't kill productivity, people do! :P

edit: added hash checksum

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