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[Addon] Cab Maker V 3.3


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Version 3.1 everything ok in version 3.3 after installing Microsoft update gone, do not install the addons other (WIN XP PRO PL)

i don't under stand what you mean ?

does the high compress mess the addons or what ?

cause i didn't get what you meant sorry


Can't wait untill you get the GUI sorted out!

well until now the gui would be simply turning the dos window

into a bit window typing the words in it but more better view

i'm doing some tests soon on running the dll files if i run this next version

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How can I execute your addon with command line? I want to test it...


well right now the make cab works on it's on

it works from "Send To"

you can call it from CMD with it's name and give it the folder name or the file you want to compress etc..

in the next version i will try to make a command line for it

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Hi, DaRk MaDnEsS

Just a suggestion. I added this tweak to give faster access to cabmaker3 w/o waiting for sendto menu to appear.

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\*\shell\Cabmaker3\command",,0x0,"%11%\Cabmaker3.exe ""%%1"""
HKCR,"Directory\shell\Cabmaker3\command",,0x0,"%11%\Cabmaker3.exe ""%%1"""

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