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Does HDD Regenerator work?


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I have a HDD that I have ran scndsk on and when I try to copy things to the (bad)HDD it just hangs.

I was wondering if anyone has used this program and have successfully repaired a bad HDD.


I've used it.

First on a 60GB old drive with 20% bad sectors and then on a new SATA drive with just some bad sectors.

The SATA drive got repaired. I re-run a second check just to be shure.

The 60GB one unfortunately seemed to be repaired but on a second scan the bad sectors reappeared.

It was my notebook's drive. It became so slow that I had to wait almost 10 min for XP just to boot.

Dumped it as soon as I could afford a new one :rolleyes: .

In my opinion it's good only if few sectors are bad, caused by an improper shut-down (logical bad sectors).

Bad sectors tend to spread faster than a plauge.

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Thanks, I am working on a 160G Lappy HDD. It found 40 bad sectors at the beginning (before 1%) and now it's @ 61.95% and has been working on around 100. I still have away to go and hope soon to hit a good patch again. LOL. I also planned on running it a 2nd time.

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