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Building a home server


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I may be getting an AMD Duron 1300 cpu in the near future (2 - 6months, don't know and I don't want to rush it :P) and I'm planning on turning it into a home server, ie) storing files and an internet gateway for security.

Anyway, I was wondering what would be the best OS for this. The system will have a 1300MHz CPU, 192MB Ram, 13gb hdd (maybe bigger later on) and a wired ethernet card (motherboard is an all in one, i have 4 of them already). Anyway, it will be a decent little machine once I build it up. I'm also thinking of putting an ATi Radeon 7000 64MB AGP Card in it to get some ram back.

I can get server 2003 (Dad's work has a VLK of it) or I can load 2000 Server (they just got rid of a bunch of 2000 server machines with licenses on them :P) or I can load my old version of NT 4 server (although I want USB support for a printer).

Anyway, whats your take on it guys? Also post any ideas that I can use to enhance security, ie) firewalls and other stuff that I can use on it.

Thanks much ;)

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I have joined the beta testing program for Microsoft Windows Home Server which is now in beta 2 stage. I'll probably make a review on it, and I think that this is the server you're looking for, but, as Tarun said, you'll have problems with this hardware.

I'd put more ram in it, at least 512MB and if possible bigger and faster disk.

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I will put more ram and a bigger, faster hard drive in it later on. I'm getting all the parts for free, so it's just a simple little server to play around with. Just saving files and sharing the printer and all that. I might make it an internet gateway, but I haven't really decided yet. Plus, my dad doesn't seem to think it's a good idea :P

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Well, I just got a little server built up for myself. It's that old Latitude CPx J650GT I had. The keyboard finally packed it in, so now it's a server :P

It's running Windows XP and I'm mainly using it for Torrents and a small little website I'm going to use to host just text files and what not.

Currently, it's got a 40GB, 5400RPM HDD in it and its doing quite well. I can also probably use it as a Proxy for when I'm at school :P

I may load Server 2003 on it later on if it will load, but I don't know. XP is running very well and doing just what I want.

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