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I need help getting a good Wireless Router


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I am on a budget and don't know to much about wireless routers. I have only owned a TRENDnet which I had issues using MSN IM.

What are the best brands to get? From what I have heard Lynksys, D-Link and then Netgear.

I am trying to order from New egg tonight so hopefully I can get some advise. I have seen some open boxes and recertifed Routers that I was thinking about getting.


NETGEAR WGR614 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Router

NETGEAR WPN824NAR IEEE 802.11b/g RangeMax Wireless Router

My Limit is 40.00 USD

THANKS everyone

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well if you want to maybe try something a little different, theres this http://www.newegg.co...N82E16833320026


$5 off promo code

the main draw though is the ability to use dd-wrt which may or may not interest you

I did see that one but I wasn't sure if Asus made good routers or not. I have never messed with DD-WRT before but I have been seeing alot of people doing it according the the reviews. So I may look into it.

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Sorry I'm late to this party. ;)

I've only had experience with linksys and netgear routers and I'm sorry to say they both suck.

IIRC, it's only the older linksys routers (prior to rev4) that are able to upgrade to the tomato or dd-wrt firmwares and I've had nothing but problems using netgear routers.

The newer linksys (internal antenna) routers have heat problems. My current router is linksys (wrt54gs) but ver6 so it's unable to be upgraded.

I wish you luck with the ASUS, and please keep us posted with your experiences! :)

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OK, It was a easy setup. I haven't tested the wireless yet, since I do have a wireless computer setup. I have a computer that I will add XP to in a few days. I am running Asus firmware still and after I findout more abou DD-WRT I will switch to that. I have never messed with DD-WRT and a little afraid of killing my router so I will wait for that until after X-Mas.

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Realistically, you don't need to flash your firmware unless the default OEM firmware doesn't do what you want it to do.

I really don't know much about it so when I have time I will research it. I also don't know to much about wireless setup other than the basic.

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