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Silent PC Case


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Haven't thought about it since it is very expensive, especially here in Croatia.

some companies make all-in-one type of water cooling setups http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2485


they are cheaper than if you buy individual parts yourself, but still kind of expensive compared to air coolers

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Ok, here we go.

I've finally moved all of my parts to my new Antec P183 chassis.

For a start, I am aware that I have kind of 'downgraded' my PC chassis by switching from Thermaltake Kandalf (Big Tower) to Antec P183 (Mid Tower), so I knew I didn't have to expect the chassis of the same size.

Once I've unpacked the chassis, I was surprised with its build quality. This chassis looks far better in live than on the pictures.


Power supply is located in a separate chamber for better heat isolation of the second one where MBO resides.

I like the look and build of the front panel door, although several reviews said those are pretty bad as they're mad from plastic.

Three layer sound-deadening side panels and front door which consists of aluminium-plastic-aluminium which helps to dump noise.

Front door has some nice air vents from both sides which improves airflow into the chassis.

Cable management is excellent as you can see in the pictures. I've managed to hide my cables so I have better airflow in the components area.

HDD cages are pretty cool and I especially like the silicon grommets which prevents disk drivers vibration.

It is very quiet if you set the fans to low speed. Medium and High speed changes everything


This case is small!!!! Whatever other reviews say. I barely managed to connect the PCI-E power connector to my graphic card, as you can see in the picture. There is NO space between the graphic card and Disk Drivers in the upper bay.

I haven't noticed that I have an internal speaker in this chassis, as I haven't found the cable to connect it to my MBO.

Dust filters give the impression that they won't 'filter' much dust. Thermaltake has much better dust filters than Antec (at least comparing Kandalf with P183).

Fans get very loud if used on High speed setting.

dsc00991ae.th.jpg dsc00992bk.th.jpg

Anyway, I'd give it 7/10 grade.

P.S. Now I feel sorry for not buying the modular Corsair PSU, even 520w.

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lol you guy's idea of small is kind of funny. i think its a huge monster :P

but then again my primary rig is a shuttle sff system :D

Kandalf was huge, and it was a piece of cake to install components in it, but no cable management, no sound isolation etc.

I would buy Corsair Obsidian 800D, but it is too expensive and I can't understand why did Corsair put the hot swap for SATA disks. This feature surely rises the price for 20-30%. What I need now is a modular PSU, since my third drive is in lower chamber with the PSU and bunch of thick cables. Can't get much air in there..

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I did warn you... ;)

Yeah, no speaker.

Yes, I admit you that you did mate.

I have to say that I've seen the Corsair Obsidian 800D in shop and I didn't like it. The perfect case for me would be Tagan Black Pearl, but I just can buy it or order it here :(

Although, when I see this picture, I think there isn't proper cable management available in it, which is a big minus, but that is an old case too.



I've just checked the Tagan site. It seems that they're offering just PSU now. I don't see any chassis available :(

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