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Help w/ SlideShow Gadget fix


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I need help with a fix for the SlideShow Gadget for my Windows Sidebar addon, this is the path that needs to be corrected for XP in slideShow.js in this English example

var samplePictPath = System.Environment.getEnvironmentVariable("Public");

this.myPicturesFolder = samplePictPath + "\\Pictures\\Sample Pictures";

var samplePictPath = System.Environment.getEnvironmentVariable("AllUsersProfile");

this.myPicturesFolder = samplePictPath + "\\Documents\\My Pictures\\Sample Pictures";

I need it for the following langs

cs-CZ = "%AllUsersProfile%\Dokumenty\Obrázky\Ukázky obrázků"
de-DE =
el-GR =
en-US = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures"
es-ES = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documentos\Mis imágenes\Imágenes de muestra"
fr-FR = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\Mes images\Échantillons d'images"
he-IL =
it-IT = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documenti\Immagini\Immagini campione"
ja-JP = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures"
nl-NL = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documenten\Mijn afbeeldingen\Voorbeelden van afbeeldingen"
pl-PL = "%AllUsersProfile%\Dokumenty\Moje obrazy\Przykładowe obrazy"
pt-BR =
pt-PT =
ru-RU =
tr-TR = "%AllUsersProfile%\Belgeler\Resimlerim\Örnek Resimler"
zh-CN = "%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures\示例图片"

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Good, I do have one problem tho, cant open the .mui file to read these strings

LOC_NAME="Windows Sidebar"
LOC_TIP ="Displays personalized slideshows, news feeds, and other customized information on the desktop."
CPL_NAME="Windows Sidebar Properties"

well i'm not at home right now

but i can translate it to you

and i will re-check it when i'm back

LOC_NAME="الشريط الجانبى ل Windows"

LOC_TIP ="إظهار عروض شرائح المخصصه و موجز الاخبار وغيرها من المعلومات المخصصه على سطح المكتب."

CPL_NAME="خصائص الشريط الجانبى ل Windows"

Edit: checked and fixed

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