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Favorite game of all time


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What is your favorite game of all time. I have kind of nostalgia for old Amiga and Commodore games.

For instance:

etc...ahh, those were the days :) I can say that I loved the music of those games, maybe more than gameplay itself.

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I don't think I have a "favorite" :unsure: There is to many to think of and different times of my life.

Game Consoles:

Alterd Beast


Gloden Axe

Excite Bike

Paper Boy

Double Dragon

Super Mario Bros 3

Mortal Combat Trilogy

Tekken 4 ( I won a tournament when I was in Cali)



*First Person Shooters*

UnReal Tournaments

Modern Warfares

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As large as it is, this list does not include every game I've ever played. Each of the following was my favorite at one time or other, ordered chronologically from childhood to adult. Game platform is specified where appropriate. Multiple games in a series are listed only once under the series name when I first liked it. With the exceptions of Oblivion and Dead Space (still working on them), if the game has an ending then I've played through to see it. My all-time favorite is bulleted.

Speak & Spell (The original. Yes, really.)

Phoenix (arcade, Atari 2600)

Dig Dug (arcade, Atari 400)

Killer Bees! (Odyssey

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I am a huge fan of Call of Duty game series ever since its first launch in 2003 and I have played all COD games launches till date. At the moment I am mainly playing its latest release call of duty Warzone which is surely one of the best battle royale games ever. I recommend all the battle royale lovers to play this game which is free to play and you may play it all alone in its solos mode or with your friends with a range of duos, trios and quads modes. 

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