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minimize windows 7 ultimate disc


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sorry for my English but someone knows I should delete and not in my Windows 7 to be more minimized size, I'm currently using the vlite without WAIK because I have a connection too slow and it takes me to download ... : (

but so far just delete it .. :g:

; vLite preset file



; vLite v1.2

; Framework 2.0.50727.4431

; Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 32-bit



; Windows 7 ULTIMATE 32-bits

; Version 6.1 Spanish (Spain)

; vLited with v1.2 (21/05/2010 00:08:46)



;# Accessories #

Welcome Center

; Centro de Bienvenida

;# Multimedia #


; SideShow

Windows Aero Theme

; Tema Windows Aero

;# System #

Tablet PC

;Tablet PC

Windows Defender

; Windows Defender

Somebody help me because I am starting with this windows and this project is new for me ... i was always with xp but I want to try and make an unattended seven



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I think its OK to post your wimfilter driver for vLite in the thread Kel, we are not as anal as MSFN

@N1K Microsoft asked nuhi to remove it from the vLite installer, after that everyone was required to download the full WAIK from Microsoft just to use vLite

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OH and DO NOT use vLite to make a answer file for 7!

It will fail everytime.

ohhh...thanks Kelsenellenelvian, Ricktendo64 and Jatin Beniwal...

but each time I try to do something wrong I have always neglected .. well thanks

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