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7 Theme Source Patcher (3003)


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Hi all,

We wanted a simple way to customize our complete Se7en OS, so we created 7tsp.

The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with a resource pack.

Icon/Theme Packs:

The Icon Packs are still basic and in development.

However, anyone can build and share there own custom packs.

containing:(remove anything from a pack u don't want patched, if a file or folder is not present it will simply not be patched)

~ A custom Logon screen

~ a custom side panel bitmap

~ Custom Copy/move/delete Animation colors

~ Custom taskmanager line and grid colors

~ A .themepack file, or a .theme file and folder

~ custom .ani/.cur Cursors or a complete cursor scheme

~ Any amount of .Res files

~ Install new fonts

~ Install new sounds

~ install sound schemes

any windir/ system32/ syswow64/ file can be added in .res format. e.g. "shell32.dll.res"

also these extra resfiles can be added to a pack in the resources folder:




These packs can be installed and used via the options menu in the patcher.

[Base Pack]
Pack=name of your custom pack
Base by=name of pack creator
Version=version number of your custom pack

theme creator=name
theme=mytheme.theme <<The name of the theme file as placed in the "Extra" folder, e.g.: mytheme.themepack or mytheme.theme (and place the folder that goes with it "mytheme" also in the "Extra" Folder).
mui=no << set to "yes" if u got any *.mui.res files in the resources folder
uxhex=yes <<<In case the theme needs uxtheme.dll to be patched else write "no".

grid=556677 <<<< only 6 characters correct hex values can be put here.

[CopyAnimation ] <<<<place a bitmap 100 (400x40) in shell32.dll.res to use a bitmap instead

Se7en Theme Source Patcher


The Se7en Theme Source Patcher has been built from scratch, including the new res files and modifications made by Kirs.

We wanted a simple way to customize our complete OS, so we created 7tsp.

The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with a resource pack.

We've included internal Black resources in the patcher to have a more complete transformation

(this can be disabled in the options menu).

All internal resources are are just most of the basic white icons from Windows 7 turned black.

There are also color packs in development and available for download.

It's possible to create your own custom Theme/Icon pack's and apply them with the 7tsp GUI.

Modifications can include icons, bitmaps, cursors, a theme, side panel, logon screen and task manager colors.

Download: 7tsp_GUI_v0.3_B(3003)

Size: 2.5 MB



Extra Basic Color Packs



Download: 7tsp Black pack (a black (folder) icon pack which also can be used as example to build a custom icon pack)

MD5: b591a3d62604ae62d0b6f07330f56dad

Size: 8.4 MB




Download: 7tsp Blue pack

MD5: 5398b644fbf7646ad6ddbdb7f3da954c

Size: 8.4 MB




Download: 7tsp Green pack

MD5: 37074bfdba7bbeed206607c4252c7173

Size: 8.4 MB




Download: 7tsp Red pack

MD5: d8fd07ffeccaddc053159fbc430cd41e

Size: 8.4 MB




Download: 7tsp Purple pack

MD5: 01343f0326602b75b1a60ba0f00def21

Size: 8.4 MB




Start Patching: Patch your Windows 7

The default pack is Black. You can select a custom pack in the Options menu.

It is also possible to merge your custom pack with the internal Black pack.

Restore: Restores the patched files to the backup made at 7tsp's first run.

For extra security, the patcher by default creates a Restore Point every time you patch your system.

You can disable this in the Options menu.

It is also possible to manually create a Restore Point (Program > Create Restore Point).

Logon Screen:

You can select whether the Logon screen should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom picture (a bmp. jpg. .png can be used from any given location and if needed will be converted and resized automatically).

Side Panel:

You can select whether the Side Panel should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom picture.(a bmp. jpg. .png can be used from any given location and if needed will be converted and resized automatically).


You can select whether or not the animated cursor files should be replaced. (add your own cursors to the cursors folder in a pack, open with eg 7z.exe and drag files out and in the opened 7z window)


You can select whether or not Explorer.exe should be patched.

Debug log:

Here you can select whether or not a debug log should be created. This is useful for pack creators, to debug resfiles.

Clean Icon Cache:

When not all icons have changed, you can manually clean the icon and thumbnail cache to refresh these.

What happens to your system files:

1. If Start Patching is clicked, the Patcher will extract the selected resource pack to the work folder and look for each system file this pack will mod.( it will skip any file that is not in the resources folder in res format)

A backup will be made of those files in the case a backup does not yet exist. If Windows updated a file the backup will be updated as well.

2. The current file ownerships of a file are stored and then administrator ownerships are taken.

3. The file will be patched with the new resources and replaces the original file.

4. The file ownerships will be restored.

to do:

~Add task manager color change support

~Add more detailed start button support~Add GUI language support

~Add more res file support for other file locations then windir and sysdir when they are needed.


Windows 7 Only!

Please install the latest version of reshecker.

At the moment only live patching is supported.

Icons were modified using: IcoFX

Bitmaps were modified in: Paint.net and gimp


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yeah i think i found it...

it happens when system restore is disabled...

i'll add some extra checks to prevent that error,



you can disable creating a restore point when patching in the Extra>options menu.

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wow almost like a bricopack! YAY

thanx! :)

updated the GUI to version 0.2

~Translation code is in and so far tnx to Tytynono the English (Translate 7tsp) file for the GUI has been translated to French!

~included Explorer windows arrows for the color packs

~Added Task Manager hexing support

~Removed all folders from the internal pack (Made a Black Pack to replace these)


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updated to version: V0.3 build 3001

~ Fixed the font install code

~ New GUI background (thx Kirs)

~ updated mui file patch support

~ Lots of scrip updates and bug fixes

~ Shifted buttons and options around

~ Rewrote the complete translation code

~ Added better menu start button support

~ Updated selected pack preview function

~ Removed internal resources from the GUI

~ Added the option to restore the uxtheme files

~ GUI language can now also be manually chosen from the 7tsp menu

~ Detects if uxstyle core is running to auto skip ux file patching

~ A bitmap can now also be used for the copy/delete animations in stead of gradient colors

~ Updated the logonui preview function to better reflect how it will look like after patching

~ The restore button will now open a "Restore Menu" where all restore methods can be selected

~ Made more things optional, like the visual style, wmp skin, timedate cpl, sounds install, font install....

~ Fixed a bug where logonui did not change when a "logonUI changer" has been used

~ basebrd.dll.res can now be added for home pro and ultimate

(Extra\basebrd\basebrdhome.dll.res and basebrdpro.dll.res and resources\basebrd.dll.res for the ultimate or universal bitmaps)

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