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How to Integrate Addons (*.WA)


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This is going to be the main guide on how to integrate addons, as you can see in this part of the forum there are many download containing a ".WA" file, WA means Windows Addon.

In order to integrate addons you have to download Windows 7 Toolkit also known as W7T. W7T is the only know program which can integrate Windows Addons, the program can also integrate Updates, Drivers, Tweaks, download the latest updates either official/unofficial to keep your Windows installation disk up-to-date. W7T also has lot's of other tools too!

OK, let's begin.... I'm going to assume you already have W7T, so let's do the first step and run it!

Step 1: The main window.

The main window contains lists of downloads from Updates to Drivers packs and also the famous SoLoR updates. Once it's opened go ahead and click "Tools Manager"


Step 2: Tools Manager

The Tools Manager is where all the tools are location, as you can see there is quite alot of them, but we are only interested in "AIO Integrator", so double-click that.


Step 3: WIM Manager

Any tools which require working with an image *.wim file opens this screen, basically what you do is click browse and select your "install.wim" which is usually located in the "sources" folder of your Windows 7 DVD. Make sure you have copied/extracted the disk onto your HDD.

After you have selected your install.wim you should now see a list of Windows 7 Editions, select or double-click the item you want to work with, you can also select them all and it will automatically integrate them into all the images you selected but note that it takes longer as it has to mount each image individually!


Step 4: AIO Integrator

As you can now see you are on the AIO Integrator which lets you integrate Addons, Updates, Drivers and Tweaks. Click "Add Addons" and select your .WA files, you can selected multiple files to save time. Once you have clicked OK it will say that it is adding them to the list, this is where it is getting all the information from the .WA file.


Step 5: Starting the process.

You can now see that hopefully all the addons you selected are in the list. You can add updates and drivers at this stage if you wish. Once done click Start Integrating!!!

This is the part where you can go get a cup of tea, watch T.V. or whatever you want to do.

NOTE: On the newer version it asks you if you wish to save the image, click YES. If you have selected multiple images it will just auto save them all.


That's it, once it says its complete you can go ahead and make a new ISO which you can then install.

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