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[AddOn] WindowBlinds 6 Enhanced (6.02 (build 43x86))

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diamondcustomip8.png <- Diamond Windows Sidebar Style

WindowBlinds 6 Enhanced (6.02 (build 43x86))

Info: Includes Diamond WB skin only (also includes Diamond skin for Windows Sidebar Styler)

download.png (Updated January 20-2008)

MD5: D58066321CA1E0899CA01FAD285245B1

Size: 3.92 MB

WARNING: This Program is NOT FREE and my AddOn does NOT contain any cracked files, (don't even try to crack it because it wont work) you register the program yourself on 1st run (also any discussion or questions on on how to crack it will result in an immediate suspension from WinCert)



- Updated v6.02 build 43


- Updated v6.01 build 40


- Updated v 6.0 build 36

- Added Diamond Windows Sidebar Style for WSS

- Removed dummy sig6.bin (you register it on login)


- Updated v 6.0 build 33

Special Thanks:


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I remember when i used windows Blind on a windows98 Os.

*Does this program Load at windows Startup/Service ?

*Does it includes Vista Side Bars , Dock Bar & Vista Mycomputer,My Documents Icons Etc ?

*Is it working as a trail version or full version ?[i am not asking about Cracking...;)]

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You Rocks Man....!!

Thanks for this Addon...:)

Why you are providing two different versions together...?

btw.The above Screenshot included "VistaSidebars,Dockbars etc" with WindowsBlind,What do you think how much RAM resources all of them needed...?

Do you feel any slowdown after patching all the Graphics Stuff at your desktop ?

But I always like whatever you did ;)

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No you have to start WB after first boot, but yes its the only theme installed.

I'm very busy ATM with V'ISO (a cmd Vista icon slipstreamer for XP) but when I have time I will update this.

Now you can make it run the theme silently . (see on RyanVM.net :thumb_yello: ).

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