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I got a new monitor FINALLY.


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We are doing a reset at MicroCenter right now so a lot of stuff is moving from one department to another. They cleared off the monitor wall and put all monitors on clearance for 50% off, yes 50%. I ended up getting a Acer G235HAbd 23 for 85 and a AOC 2236vw Glossy Black 22 for 75.

I am so glad to be off that 17in AOC.

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I am still at 20" and I probably won't go with the larger screen. I'd be maybe happy with 22" but not more than that. At work I am using 24" 245T Samsung (crap screen quality)

get a NEC 2490WUXi and those screen quality issues will go away ;)

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Yeah, I am very familiar with the NEC quality as I'm currently using MultiSync 20WGX2 :)

i always wanted one of those. but at the time they came out they were around $400 :(

and i didnt like the glossy screen (prefer matte), but for colors its still one of the best small ones out there. funny referring to a 20" as small lol i remember using some teeny tiny 13 or 14 inch crt back in the day :P

oh and i still recall when 15in lcds were like $1500. how times have changed

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