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Windows 7 SP1 Released + Integration support!


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español: Hola, bueno yo integre el sp1 con ayuda de RT7LITE 2.60 y fue un exito.

english: Hi, well I integrate sp1 RT7LITE using 2.60 and was successful.

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Hi Legolash2o,

It seems that Rt7lite does really not integrate SP1, based on the final size of the image it is "added" but not "slipstreamed" as we did with Windows XP.

How would you go about this with Windows 7 Toolkit? Will the toolkit add SP1 increasing the size of the image or will it be really integrated, overwriting the existing files?

It seems to be possible (manually) with DISM but your toolkit has more options so I'd rather use that.

Thanks for your work, been waiting for 0.9.0.

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Correction, you will be able to select both x64 and x86 AT THE SAME TIME :P

I've noticed i ran our of HDD space when using RT7Lite lol

It will..

1. Prepare both service packs (x64 and x86)

2. Cycle through each image integrating it

3. Delete temp files

4. Done

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Lego, I've got a perfect integration with rt7lite, perhaps rt7lite esque failure is slow. integration of sp1 can accomplish through full aik.

I hope you can integrate w7t sp1, also wanted to know if you can translate it into Spanish. Translates if I like.

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