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How Do I Add My Motherboard & Graphic's card Drivers To My "Windows XP PRO SP3" Install Disc


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Please wait, i´m in school, but i have no laptop for work... I download your drivers and now i´m searching which are needed to be integrated for your hardware.. ;)


Nice 1, cheers m8. this is gunna make life so much easier for me.

just make sure i can integerate this into xp using ryanVM integrator (and nLite if possible :naughty: ) :thumbsup_anim: .

Thanks a million :worthy:

EDIT: @George King i dont suppose i could come to you for stuff like this any other time could i? iv got a m8 who would really appreciate this aswell as me, hes getin a new pc at the end of feb (hes got the mobo and graphics card already & im buying him the rest of the parts) and he'd appreciate it if he had a windows xp disc with his drivers pre-installed for him. i havnt said anythin to him yet so that i dont get him all worked up & excited before i was to ask ya, just incase you said no. so, any chance of it then?


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if someone would be able to convert my dirvers disc's into addon's compatible with RVMi then i would happily give them the disc's and greatfully sit & wait for the finishing results

I'll bet! (lazy)

I agree with Rick. Use DriverPacks. We've already done all the hard work for you.

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