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CPU Usage 100% When Opening Video folder

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Hi guys

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

When I open my Video folder , my CPU usage goes to 99-100%.

Task manager indicates Explorer.exe is the process using 99% of this.

It remans 99-100% until I close explorer.exe and after I restart.

I don't know why Exporer.exe would suddenly start using all my system resources when I open a video folder. :confused02:

After I read maybe the problem is FLV video...

Any ideas?

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I would try uninstalling it see if the problem continues

If the problem goes away I would then reinstall the codec pack and separate the different file types (avi, flv, mkv, etc) and see which one is the cause the high cpu usage

I think it may be a explorer thumbnail issue

Thanks for your help. :thumbsup_anim:

It was codec problem.

Now I can open any video folder.

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