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Windows 7 Toolkit Feedback


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Since i like a good challenge and like to push myself so i learn more, i would like feedback on W7T. What do you like about it, what do you hate about it, etc...

I will try and sort the bad things about it :D

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I used this tool many times... I have to say that you made great effort, it completely replaces the waik commands line that really sucks, maybe the tools depends on them but these alone are really too much wasting of time(to find the correct command for our actions and type correct parameters and all over again next time) next to this windows interfaced tool.

I appreciate your work too much. Now if you like to add more please:

My suggestion is to add more options to unattended creator like "copyprofile" that really helps especially if someone updated his images online for some reason.

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I'm not sure if this would be better put in as a tweak or a choice in the toolkit, but since stsaerox mentioned profile...

I would like the option to change the location of the "Users" directory to another drive at the minimum, and perhaps also change the location/rename the "My Documents" folder as well. I find it useful to keep these off of "C" so that if/when I reinstall, all my old settings/data/etc is available. It also helps minimize the size requirements of "C" as well. I also tend to relocate "%TEMP%" for the same reason.

As I say, this might be better considered as a tweak. If so, please feel free to relocate this post to the appropriate location.

Cheers and Regards

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I'm not sure if this would be better put in as a tweak or a choice in the toolkit, but ...


Cheers and Regards

Take a look at this: User Folders - Moving User Folders by Modular Script (Windows seven forums)

It is good for a live system. Every new user personal folders are moving in your new specified location. You have to edit the new location of folders... It is simple enough if you are interested just read the instructions. However it might not cover your demands for other system folders...

I hope that there is a way to add this to windows 7 toolkit, with options to specify a default drive letter or path, with the ability to change it during installation because it is not the same hardware or available drive in all pc's.

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