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Before i start University i will be reading a programming book to learn more about C#, so there will not be many releases unless you report a bug then i will fix it. The book will hopefully teach me many new things which i can use to improve W7T. I will be checking this forum daily so i ain't going anywhere!

As you have noticed W7T is current 1.0.2-xF. The F means final which is basically me just waiting for bug reports and won't be adding any new features until the next BETA. However, please do report bugs and add your requests/suggestions to the Request forum and they will go in the next version (hopefully).

Once i have finished reading the book, i will start on v1.0.3 which will require W7T to be available in all languages. Finally!

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Good luck at the university!

out of curiosity, which career are you starting?

Are you reading C# Essentials from Prentice Hall? <- I recommend this one if you have programming in the university courses ^_^.

Have a nice day!


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