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[Release] Windows Live Messenger (MSN) 2009 14.0.8117.0416


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* Require Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime *, can be acquired here.

* Patched with A-Patch and puremsn like this *



wlm2009.exe Size: 16.1 MB (16,952,648 Bytes)

MD5: 74100f9f774438760ca463896c3e4d7e

Can be directly integrated with nLite or RVMI.

Can be used with /qb switch to hide cancel button, or /qn switch to perform a silent install.

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Hi, YumeYao,

Is this multi msn or not? (I prefed multi msn)

Is start with windows or not? (I prefed NOT start with windows)

So why are there two "remove adversitement" in the picture? And Why is one of these "marked" and other is "not marked" ?

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1. NO. I prefer opening msn again pops out the main window.

2. NO. *But since MSN is not initialized, it will automatically add an entry in Run to set itself auto-starting, you should change in the options after you first launch it.*

3. The first one removes ad from the main window(a pic on the bottom), the second one removes text ads from message windows(a ad link on the bottom).

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all i get fom the link in first post is..

All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager.

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Windows Live Messenger 2011 15.4.3555 is released :)

I'm waiting for some one to make an slim (only msn messenger and some modifications) addon.

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