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Similar to T-13 in XP installation


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First thanks for great application, and hard work. It's saves me lot of time.

I am thinking is possible somehow to install famous SVCPACK addons as we do in XP (a T-13). I don't know is right place exist, but will be nice before last restart, and to be part of main install before first run and OOBE, and only for sfx/switchless/silent installers.

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@RicaNeaga, i have need for some componets eg net4 and some runtimes, which needs restart before properly work. And whole setup process is done in 2-steps, instead of 3 where and frst logon much more faster. I think is better to sacrifice speed to 2 step of installation instead first logon after oobe, and it's look more cosmetic. Current Runonce mode should stay, but svcpack will be great too, and only as switchless installer, not need for true mode.

@OnePiece, I know for your application, and i use it for a while with great experience, it's really nice, but i am now pleased with Windows 7 Toolkit because it's completely AIO soultion and it's attached with SoLoR updates it's pretty easy, supports wider formats...

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only way to install net 4 fastest possible is to sysprep -it. Onepiece currently have fastest 32-bit addon which aslo can be integrated into setup. But with 64-bit one situation is little complicated. I have plan (in meantime) to release net4 AIO switchless based on Ricktendo64 sfx installer and installation that will contain all net 4 hotfixes found on solor site. I tested it it doesn't take so much time that i expected so it's fine.

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I will consider adding this, i think T-13 uses RunOnceEx. I have not used SVCPacks before, do you install them the same way as *.inf files?

Well true addons uses inf and integrate directly to installation, similar like driver. I don't want this because making inf addons is really hard and there is no advatange over WA addons. I just think will be useful to run some installations before last restart/frstlogon/oobe

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