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[Release] Hashtab

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Hashtab 2.1.1


What's New


This version contains the following changes since version 2.0.8:

- Added drag and drop support for comparing files. Once the hash has completed, files can be dragged onto the HashTab.

The dropped file will be hashed using the selected hash algorithm and the result is put in the text box and compablue.

This will make hash comparisons a little easier in some cases.

- Updated translations for German, Japanese, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Finnish and Chinese.

- Fixed hash settings listbox layout

- Added a "copy all" menu item to copy all hash data to clipboard

- Fixed a problem where you had to hash a file in order to change settings

- Added French translation

- By popular demand, added support for MD2 and MD4 hashes.

- The translation file has been updated for the new UI elements.

Information: Info

Version: 2.1.1

Addon Release Date: August 30, 2008

Credit: *Reaper*

Size: 635 kb


MD5: EF672369B7104F9E360A8567A17F8EB3


Edited by *Reaper*

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but your SFX installers leave tmp information on harddisk :(

in %userprofile%\ you wil find '7z*.tmp' for every Reaper SFX program.

Could you look into that?



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thanks for this but download not working

Did you have a look at the date of the last post before yours?

More then 6 years!

Maybe the program and the addon don't exist anymore!



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