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NEW: USB Boot Prep


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As you can see i have made massive changes to the USB Boot Prep tool, with extensive testing. Here is what i have changed so far

  • Can pick up all USB Drives even with no partitions/volumes
  • Pick up multiple partitions
  • Much faster detection of USB devices when you plug them in
  • Colours (Green = Bootable, Yellow = Not bootable and Red = No partitions
  • More efficient and less error prone code so those who could not pick up devices before can now see them
  • Use WMI to detect devices and not diskpart (caused a lot of problems)
  • Added refresh button just in case your usb insertion was not picked up
  • Each USB device has it's own group so you can tell which USB stick you are going to work on.
  • Should be compatible with XP
  • Form is resizable

Most importantly i've managed to slim down the code by A LOT. The tool works perfectly at the moment as i've done some extensive testing. However the actually preparing the USB drive still uses disk part which will not work on XP and i need to update that part of the code.

What i need from you guys

  • Since i'm doing a lot of work on it, you guys a free to submit ideas about the tool in this thread.
  • Also some testers would be nice :P

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FYI will test x64 image, because its CPU is x64 capable and I have stuffed 4GB RAM into it, will keep you updated :P

And because I use my own "always up-to-date program repository" thx to: https://ketarin.org/

It really simplifies my automated install, if using same archidecture on all of my equipment ;)

I dont have to keep duplicate application installers, on my NAS ;)

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Etz, what's that got to do with USB Prep Tool?

Nothing, besides x64 part...and...that I`m not testing x86 deployment... ;)

Just shared some additional information, in case you would be interested...

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not sure, i'll see if i can add it. Just curious when searching online about it. It only mentioned x64? is that correct?

Nope UEFI should work on x86 also...

Wil start installing my Netbook now, fingers crosed... ;)

One problem tough, choosing Quick Format in USB-prep-tool actually doesnt format anything on USB stick, all data is still intact...

Or Quick format should leave data, full format erase all?

EDIT: Seems like USB Stick is unbootable, will try to find another one, and test it again... :(

EDIT2: What can I say, it worked fine :)

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