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  1. Not the first GTA in thta series which requires WMP... AFAIK, only way to fix it is re-install and do not remove WMP, also as sidenote GTA`s have issues with N edition Windows builds, which are MS official,,,
  2. Use newer Dism, from Windows 8.1 ADK http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39982 Not WinToolkit bug, but Dism incoompatibility issue...
  3. Such tool already exists, it also allows you to keep your Installers always up-to-date. http://ketarin.canneverbe.com/ Also Windows Post Install wizard should be able to work as standalone: http://www.wpiw.net/
  4. AFAIK, WinToolkit does that "automatically" and mounts Def user hive and applies it to that, instead of Current User hive (Which of course does not exists, yet...)
  5. There is minor bug present, it removes first backslash from destination path if destination is UNC path For example \\Server\Directory\Directorybecomes to \Server\Directory\Directory
  6. I can provide you with an host... I have 6GB webhost with domain just lying around, doing nothing...
  7. Not anymore, it uses newest one, it can find on the system and also you have ability to override its selection
  8. I dont joke, but if you edit someone elses picture and sell it as yours, then it is copyright violation. And please remember MS doesnt sell you operating system, he is only selling you right to use it. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/UseTerms/default.aspx And trying to use someone elses creation and hard work to stamp your own "label" to it and sell it as your own creation makes things even worse... Lego doesnt earn anything with hes software (WinToolkit is free, as you probably noticed already), and you are pretty much trying to steal the only thing he gets - credit. Exactly...
  9. Well... Selling someone elses work under your name is immorral and also copyright infrigement...
  10. Are you sure, it is 8 core? More likely it is a still 4-core + HT which equals 8-threads not cores... :g:
  11. Nope you are not, works the very same way on W8(.1) aswell...
  12. I read the problem, but you didnt specify which particular Chip has that issue...hence I cannot try to reproduce it, if you dont give me any info... Asmedia works for sure, as I do use it myself to install my Desktop powerhouse...
  13. Do you really have all those chipset in same Motehrboard :omg: Anyway on which of them USB3.0 fails?
  14. Works just fine on Windows 8.1 Update 1, no issues whatsover.
  15. What chipset is that? So far I havent had any issues with USB3.0 drivers on Asmedia and Renesans chipsets... :g: I know that some Intel`s are problematic...and you can install those machines only using 2.0 ports.
  16. Nope...it wont work... Hence, thats why the request was made (and also fullfilled by you) to be able to choose what dism.exe to use...built-in or ADK one
  17. Why do you need to slipstream it? Wouldnt it be more beneficial to add it as silent installer, so it would always download up-to-date version directly from MS Servers during setup process?
  18. You need never Dism to process windows 8(.1) images on Windows 7 host, just install Windows 8.1 ADK Update 1 (Only deployment tools are needed from it) and thats it. Windows 7 Dism isnt compatible with Windows 8.1, but windows 8.1 Dism is backwards compatible....
  19. You are absolutely correct, only way to circumvent that, is integrate necessary Network Adapter drivers into Wim, in this occasion VMware ones...
  20. Yes you can, but that OS would be pretty much useless and non-functional as a result...
  21. Windows doesnt have such variable, but Lego has developed it for RunOnce Installer
  22. Extract it and Integrate as silent installer, with same switch
  23. I believe, it should be moved under "solved items"
  24. I dont think it is a relevant amount...but if you want to improve it (as a coursework), I dont mind...
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