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idoo File Encrytion Pro Giveaway!


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Dear visitors of WinCert.net.

We are giving away 10 licenses for
idoo File Encrytion Pro
per license ) with
FREE & LIFETIME upgrades

How can you benefit from using
idoo File Encrytion Pro

1. High security. It is based on disk drive encryption

2. Easy to use. Straight forward interface, simple operation to encrypt file

3. Fast support. 24x7 tech support with our professional staff.

4. Far-ranging Clients. Including army, government, hospital, company

For more information please visit:

Download link :

More info :

To get a free full license of
idoo File Encrytion Pro
, you will have to login to our
and just ask for it in this topic. If you don't want to register to our forum, you are also able to login here with your

P.S. This offer is valid for our current and new members. You only have to reply in this topic to get free fully functional PRO version of this software.
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Is the free license only good for new members N1K? You know me, I'll always signup for free software. You never know... But if you just want to put me on a waiting list for if not enough new members ask for it, then that's fine as well. np

Cheers and Regards

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