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[Request] Xpize Login + Shutdown Screens Addon.


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I just download and install Xpize and I like it very much...Awesome Login Screen and Shutdown Screens...

Unfortunately this feature is only available for Xpize post installation (Not in I386 patching).It would be great if someone make an Addon....[Ricktendo64 can get the permission easily] ;)

*Plus Can anyOne tell me how Xpize included its Branding Logo in Mycomputer Properties ? which dll file to Hack..;)

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Sure I can make an addon but first I have to ask XPero and antonio (the creator)

BTW the Logoff box Im not sure how to correct that


You already posted the Xpize Login screen Addon which i requested for...Thanks...

Shutdown/Logoff box still remains as it was before....


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Back it up and replace it after XPizezin your CD

sysdm.cpl or SYSDM.CP_

Ok , This means that we can put our custom OEM logo in my computers Properties and grab the Sysdm.cpl file and overwrite it in XpSource CD....

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thats the msgina.dll... But I thought that nLite slipstreamed that

If you want to add that just copy it from system32 and add this to i386 compress


Known Issues: the shutdown box is XPized but the Logoff box is Not

I don't use Nlite for Integrating anything...

Hope that the Addon you posted will definitely solve the whole confusion soon...;)

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After downloading Xpize 4.6 I did not patch I386 yet,I assumed that it will not be happened...LoL..:D

Known Issues: the shutdown box is XPized but the Logoff box is Not

Do you know where is that bl**dy Dll file which i need to edit with Rhacker ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi there...

great forum, got almost anything i want..

just missing and addon for xpize darkside shutdown & logoff screens...

i really just want black stuff xD

emm.. just hoping :P


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Can you upload me your msgina.dll file that you have XPized with Darkside? its in system32 hein

Remember the Logoff won't be XPized like the shutdown, this is a symptom/bug of slipstreaming and I don't really know how in the heck to fix it

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Hi there..

here its the file, compressed in rar...

pd: about the logoff.. i was wondering if its posible to manually patch shell32.dll

i mean, after i got my winxp iso ready (after xpize and nlite).. i search for shell32.dl_ transforme it to full dll

and then modify it to add the pics (i got them from xpize darkside source).. and then transforme the file back tu .dl_

i know that resource hacker will do the job of editing the dll... but i dont know how to transforme .dl_ to .dll and viceversa...

hope its clear... my english sucks..

mmm, also.. the logoff its just on shell32.dll or some part are also present on msgina.dll?



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You can uncab and makecab using XPander by XPero and simply add it to your i386 folder overwriting the old one

BTW making a full replacement addon is simple just paste this into notepad and fill out the fields









rvmtemp\extracted\YourFile.dll, inf, exe, sys, etc.

Save it as Entries_AnythingYouWant.ini and Rar, Zip, 7zip or Cab the Entries*.ini file along with the files you added to the i386 compress section like msgina.dll

The i386 compress tells nLite or the Integrator to Cab the file and put it into the i386 folder of your XP or 2k3 CD Source, here is an Example AddOn: Ricks_DarksideShutdown_AddOn.rar

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