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Hey lego,

You are really doing great job, I have recently started your tool and I like it very much. The most imported thing, you are integrating most of the request you are receiving.

I am also placing my request over here, till now I have rarely used dism as I was doing all my builds by capture install.wim but recently I felt that I must learn to use DISM as well.

It would be very nice if you would integrate GUI for DISM, I know we have a tool called GDISM (.net and java versions) but I feel if you integrate GUI for DISM in your tool, it would be more useful for the people like me who are not so good with DOS commands.

I hope you would consider my request and would try to integrate it in your new updated version.

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You NEVER mentioned that! When suggesting something PLEASE post a reason for it. I did not know you could do this via dsim and am pretty sure Lego can add that to the toolkit (If you post a link or tut with the dsim steps to do it.)

I didn't mention, as I have already talked about this with lego via PMs and he told me that currently its the end of v1.3 he would address my requests (if possible) when he would start working on v1.4.

BTW, here is the link for setting product key using DISM: http://technet.micro...380(WS.10).aspx

I also like to mention that myselfidem also helped me in setting product key using DISM, he has actually made a .cmd based on DISM commands.

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Well see then we are only getting HALF of the conversation.

PLEASE pick ONE or the OTHER! PM's and hiding it ALL from us... or... Public so we can all help and contribute.

You're right Kels!

Now with W7T the key can be integrated.

I give some help about this question and suggest to try using my command (SetProductKey.cmd) inside my signature below!

Kind regards

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