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  1. If you have some experience of modding, just mount the install.wim and then go to "Mount Dir\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" folder there you would see a shortcut which is getting deleted during the installation and the script as well, now right click the shortcut and see the "properties" you can see the exact location of the script. Mind it during the installation all these folders and scripts are getting deleted so you won't be able to find out where those script(s) are saved in the installed OS, you need to do all this with the installation DVD itself.
  2. Comprehensive Autounattend.xml creator, though this request is an old request but still pending so I am just reminding.
  3. I guess this is a better option: http://www.coderforlife.com/projects/win7boot/ I use this only, though its installer is not working but you can also integrate custom boot screen in the installation disk using commandline version.
  4. I mentioned reverse integration because different machines takes different updates. Some updates are hardware specific, so only I believe reverse integration is the best way to identify which updates are required. The catalog lists some 500 updates and my lappy download only 60-70 updates. Moreover, thread starter's ultimate aim is to create an updated ISO of windows 7.
  5. It is absolutely fine for me as well, when you are providing such a tool to all of us for free then I can wait for few seconds as well.
  6. I had this problem earlier and I guess this is because of your Autounattend.xml (if used), I am not good with Autounattend.xml you better post your xml and myselfidem can help you. He did help me as well, though not with this problem but with other problem related to xml.
  7. If you are still searching for the solution, here is the solution. You don't need any third party application to change the text. Just mount Boot.wim and search for the Winload.exe.mui (not Winload.exe)and search for the text "starting Windows" I don't remember the exact location of the text I would update my post and will let you know the exact location of the text, as currently I am at office and here I have XP. I have successfully changed that text and that too without using any third party application, like bootupdater. But this would be visible only once when you start your windows installation, if you wish to change the text which can be visible for all time your boot your system, you have to use Bootupdater. Enjoy....................
  8. hey lego, I hope you haven't forgotten about my request of comprehensive unattended.xml creator, I am really looking forward for a comprehensive autounattend.xml creator in winkit. I remember you told me that you would address my request when you would start work on v1.4.
  9. "Pre-installed" like reverse integration???????
  10. Thanks mate, I would try the latest version.
  11. I am using Eset NOD32 v5.0.95.0, but I don't think is has something to do with AV, as I have been using your tool without disabling the AV. This is the first time I have encountered such error. Anyways, when I tried after few days it worked perfectly. I don't remember at that time I disabled the AV or not, as I do disable my AV every now and then for different reasons.
  12. Can't we integrate exe updates using your tool, I am not sure about the newer versions but I did try with v1.0.3.98 and failed to integrate exe updates.
  13. I was trying to integrate some themes and making one of them as default theme, also trying to integrate some gadgets, I got this error: I have also changed the permissions of all the files of "windows\system32\config" folder as well before attempting to integrate themes and gadgets. I have attached last sessions.ini, mount log and settings as well. Please help me mate, I have tried almost 3-4 times and I got this error all the times. Last Sessions.rar
  14. I hope you have not messed with setup.exe of Sources folder if you did, you better replace that exe with the original one. I am sure your problem would be solved. I have also faced similar problem and solved by not touching the setup.exe of Sources folder.
  15. remember if you are using x64 OS just to be sure you better change the images in imageres.dll of system32 as well as of SysWow6 folders.
  16. If you have WAIK installed, just mount the install.wim and then go to "mount folder\Windows\System32" (if your os is x86) or "mount folder\windows\syswow64" (if your OS is x64) there you can find imageres.dll. You need to change the image no 5031 to 5043 of imageres.dll, you can use restorator for editing imageres.dll.
  17. I am not sure about w7t but you can customize your logon screen using this application: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=logon+workshop#/d4dvvj3 but that is only on installed OS. But if you wish to integrate in the pre-install environment, you need to edit imageres.dll of system32 and syswow64 folder of install.wim
  18. Hi guys, I have been trying to download Windows 7 SP1 x64 as well as x86 from this thread: but every time I try, my download discontinued exactly at 2gb. I wish to mention I am trying to download on a 32bit system. I wish to know can't a file with size more than 2 gb be downloaded on a x86 system? Is there something I can do to download those files on a x86 system?
  19. I am extremely sorry, but where is this "FULL" option?
  20. I thought this is the resolution of the W7T window, when you click Ok the window covers the entire screen. I thought you have done it deliberately, lol.
  21. For this, do we have to select Boot.wim instead of install.wim?
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