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speed up w7toolkit on high spec systems


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Thiersee you have an SSD as well as a ram drive and that's whats I have... I can't remember exactly because I do things differently now but what really made the difference for me is separating the the different temps and mount onto the different drives so your reading and writing from and to each of the drives. I think I used to read the hotfixes from my RAM drive to my SSD... try experimenting that way.


Also speed test your ram drives I found HUGE performance differences between the 4 or 5 I tested and the fasted for me was the SoftPerfect.


I have now a RAM-Disk with 24 GB, the WTK-Mount- and Temp-folder are set to Z: (RAM-Disk); Windows-Temp-folder is also set to Z: too.


My Hardware:


RAM 32 GB Crucial Ballistix Elite at 2133 MHz

SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB


RAM-Disk: Radeon/DataRAM


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