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v1.4.0 Sneak Peek


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Oh hell, where is the problem? :/

I quoted the error message it gave me in the post.

The following users cannot use the messaging system: George King

The following errors were found

The member George King cannot receive any new messages

This personal message has not been sent

Full or disabled personal messages?

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If it's an image you want to remove an update from then component remover tool will do that for you.
See? I have much to learn!! I've been rebuilding all the time! Didn't realise Component removaal included updates!
Ah, i'm assuming you're doing that new scheme for the unemployed to work for people like Tesco :P Problem i see with that is Tesco would fire their actually staff and then re-hire them for free via job centre :/

Something very similar, was actually being a tad cynical. On a retraining course for electricians. Then I'll be qualified to collect trollies :D
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There is a new feature which tells you which Windows the driver is for, XP, Vista, 7 or 8. It will mark any drivers for XP in red and you can remove them which is very useful if you use driver packs as it can get rid of 100+ drivers and make W7T integrating quicker.

However it's not 100% accurate, what i mean by this is that sometimes it can't what Windows the driver is for because the people who created them didn't specify in the *.inf file.

You can also double click on an driver in the list to open its inf file. The benefits above also apply to the new Driver Installer.

Before: 847

After: 776

71 less drivers to install :)

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You should be able to see the message in the top right hand corner. Some more fixes:

*^FIX: Could not mount image if it had no <NAME> variable i.e. "N/A"

*^FIX: WIM Manager could not rename all images

*^FIX: MSU could not convert if you selected output path as drive root

*^FIX: Some tools did not report which image was being mounted/unmounted properly

*^FIX: Could not extract file is 'SevenZipSharp.dll' was missing.

*^FIX: Could not extract file is 'Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll' was missing.

*^FIX: Unattended Creator no longer lets you use invalid characters for 'Computer Name'

*^FIX: Fixed a potential language pack integration bug.

*^FIX: Fix a language pack integration bug where a 'license' folder could not be copied

*^FIX: Fixed an issue where adding updates did not cancel on request using Update Integrated

*^FIX: Fixed 'Read Task.txt' in AIO Integrator

*^FIX: Removed hand cursor from Welcome Tab (Tools Manager)

*^FIX: Current OS option in AIO did not uncheck if user selected no

*^FIX: Better detection of architecture for drivers

*^FIX: Some files did not extract properly if 'ExtractTo' folder was not created first

*^FIX: CAB Retriever did not copy files.

*^FIX: Fixed issue when adding unattended tried to replace itself.

*^FIX: Fixed error which sometimes occured if WIM Registry Editor did not mount properly

*^FIX: Progress bar now works correctly when integrating drivers into boot.wim

*^TWEAK: Change DPI Setting

*^Tidied up Addon Maker, centered things, etc..

*^In Addon Maker, variables will show tooltip showing where files will go

*^Addon Maker lets you edit addons

*^Added antivirus detection

*^UEFI support added for ISO Maker

*^W7T now shows which Windows drivers are for.

*^You can double click a driver to show its .inf file in notepad

*^Lots of GUI changes

*^Driver Installer lets you install/remove drivers on the live system.

*^Update Installer now lets you uninstall updates

*^You can now save or load AIO lists individually without affecting the other lists

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I've reached test 20, v1.4.0.0_T21 will be released publicly for everyone to test. It won't be official, but i'm sure people would want to test it and hopefully give some feedback.

NOTE: When i say it wont be official i mean it wont tell users there is a new version when they open W7T and v1.3.0.102 will still be the official latest version.

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I don't want to start a new thread so I'm posting here...

Right now I'm in the process of integrating updates to an offline image via AIO. What does the red bar mean / stand for? Since I'm pretty sure that grean means ok... :D Hope it doesn't mean those updates weren't integrated...

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Hi, new member here. Joined for Win7Toolkit--which looks fantastic. Just wanted to let you know the version posted up as 1.40.4 is actually 1.40.3.

Please update the file, name of the file is W7T140-4.7z but the file is v1.4.0.3 even when we launch the W7T it is also prompting that the newer version is available.

Please address this issue.

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