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Getting Started: Windows 7 ISO + SP1 to "Lite" Windows 7 Starter


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Having used RT Se7en Lite in the past, I found WinKit, but I seem to have hit a brick wall before I have started; WinKit asks for a WIM file even on the Basic tab - what is a WIM file? Anyway, I'll explain what I want to do, and perhaps someone can help.

I've got a Dell Mini 9 with a 16GB HD, so I'm trying to get my image reasonably small: a customised "Lite" version.

My starting point is an ISO of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, and a Microsoft Update Standalone Package (.msu) file of Windows 7 32-bit SP1.

My desired end point is a Windows 7 Starter ISO, with SP1 integrated and several unwanted components(such as Language Packs, modem support, other display drivers etc) removed. It would be nice if I could customise the Windows 7 Starter wallpaper (as this is not normally possible) but I can live without this.

Can someone please tell me the steps I need to follow?

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The current version of WinKit only supports integrating of updates after Windows 7 SP1. The program itself shows on the Basic tab an icon that refers to legal downloads of the Windows 7 SP1 iso, which is needed as a baseline.

Please also read the excellent guides that the program's developer has made available in the Guides subforum.

HTH, Eric666

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Let me clarify a few things:

Win Toolkit does NOT work with Win7 gold and will NOT integrate SP1. That is why there are links laying around to get a Win7\SP1 disk... http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/8906-official-windows-7-sp1-disks/

The .wim file is the "Core" of the Win7 disk! It is what all of the ACTUAL windows files are packaged in...

When you get your new disk image, the .ISO you need to download, you must unpack it and point the toolkit to the root\sources\install.wim.

Also give up on starter, it is severely neutered and limited. Use home basic it hasn't been anywhere near as limited and the size difference is very negligable...

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