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[Installer] Windows Sidebar 1.7 XP/2003


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Sorry for the off-topic, but since there seems to be a rather large community of windows 2003 as a workstation users here, I was wondering if any of are using Zonealarm firewall, and if so, what version worked for you. If you are using any other firewall, please I would also be interested to know which one. I tested Sygate personal firewall v5.0 Build 1175 and it works fine, but it is next to impossible to register the software in order to fully enable all the features, as this company I believe has been defunct for some years now.

So far I've been unsuccessful to install any of the Zonealarm firewall personal versions, even the older ones that supposedly are win2003 compatible (v3.7.143 and/or v3.7.159) according to the http://win2k3.msfn.org/misc.htm guide. They both cause BSOD in my system on two separate w2k3 computers. It took me while to track down these old versions, but If anyone also would like try them out for yourself, I'd be happy to point you to the original download locations. Just PM or we could open a separate forum tread for further discussions.

Windows firewall configuration options are unfortunately a joke compared to Zonealarm flexibility and features, but for now I suppose it's better then having nothing. And just to make it clear, I am not using 2003 server functionality, only as a workstation, so I don't need a hardware firewall. So please, no need to suggest that as an option, because it's not. The main idea is trying to have more control over setting permissions of which apps connect to the internet, as Zonealarm provides.

Again, apologies for the off-topic.

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Link is Down

Not sure what you guys are doing wrong, but that site has never failed to load in my browser, and I've accessed it quite a bit.

Fact is at least for me it is definitively always UP. BTW, I'm in no way affiliated with that site, just a visitor using the very useful info that the site provides.


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