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Which SSD?


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    • By NIM
      Hey hardware gurus,
      I plan to replace my 320GB SATA I disk for something newer. Since I moved to SSD this old HDD is far the loudest thing in my machine.
      Which drive would you suggest. Since I don't plan to spend too much, I planned to replace it with new 500GB 3.5" 7200 drive. Most important thing is that the new disk is as quiet as possible.
      I have found couple of disks in similar price range and I need help to choose the right one, so here they are:
      Have in mind that I am buying this disk in the local store, but I have converted prices in US dollars.
      1. HDD SATA II 500 GB HITACHI GST Deskstar, 3,5", 7200rpm, 16MB (Warranty: 24 months) - Cheapest price $70
      2. HDD SATA III 500 GB SEAGATE Barracuda, 3.5", 7200 rpm, 16MB, ST500DM002  (Warranty: 12 months) $75
      3. Disk WD Caviar Blue, 1000 GB, SATA3, 64 MB, 3,5", 7.200 rpm, 10EZEX (Warranty: 24 months) $89
      4. TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 (3.5", 1TB, 32MB, SATA III-600) (Warranty: 24 months) $91
      5 .HDD SATA II 1000 GB HITACHI GST Deskstar 7K1000.C, 3,5", 7200rpm, 32MB, HDS721010CLA332 (Warranty: 36 months) $94
      and something to consider although a bit pricey...
      6. Caviar Black , 500 GB, SATA3, 64 MB, 3,5", 7.200 rpm, WD5003AZEX $93 (Warranty: 60 months)
      In my opinion ghe best buy is the first one although it has a small cache and is SATA 2, not sure how quiet it is.
      Now, if I decide to go give around $20 more I am in doubt between HDD 3 and 4 although judging by reviews on the net WD should be a better choice.
      HDD 6 is a bit pricey for 500GB of storage but warranty of 60 months is very attractive..
      Space is not an issue here, I can go with the 500GB or 1TB. This drive will be used as a secondary storage so maybe I really don't need WD black edition.
      Can I hear your suggestions/experiences?
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