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Repack installer request?


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Hi @ricktendo64,

Can you make a repack installer "Dropbox v1.4.5 Final" with this properties pls?

- Run on Windows startup Removed

- No ask user account login info in setup process

- Remove if it contains old VC runtimes etc.

Thank you. :icon_cool:

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Extra info for my wish (''request'') regarding QuickTime - it needs five changes to make it less annoying for those who aren't very attentive to the setup process.

More precisely, three changes to the install process (unchecked the desktop shortcuts, unchecked the go pro pop-up screen after the install process and unchecked the box for search updates for apple software by default), and two regarding the installed software (the quicktime task - QTTask.exe - removed from startup, and the ''check for updates automatically'' unchecked from the update tab in the quicktime preferences - it's still checked although I manifested the same wish during setup... typically Apple).

Hopefully these are all the changes needed to stop Apple from connecting to its servers without my knowledge. Of course an updated QT Lite would be fantastic, since I don't think anyone reading this post (advanced users) uses the quicktime player, they just need the quicktime browser extensions, but as I've said it seems QT Lite won't be updated no more...

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Done, let me know how if it works oguz

BTW its not a "full update" you still have to integrate the other wmp11 hotfixes

Let me know if it worked

Thank you very much for your quick reply and repack. I haven't tested yet. I guess it will work without problems. I'll let you know after testing and integrating full updates.

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How to repack it? it is safe to delete DNF1.1? Do i need 7zip SFX Stub and the config for stub? I also already forgot the command for repacking copy /b DNF.7z + stub.sfx + config.?

If it need the stub can you please provide the stub and the configuration file thanks!

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You can use 7zsplit to separate the config.txt, file.7z and file.sfx but use a fresh sfx instead of the one you split...BTW whatever you delete make sure to edit install.cmd to remove it from there also

How to make silent switch installers

If that is too hard you can use sfx maker and point it to install.cmd http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6434

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Rick, have you thought of doing a dual (x86/x64) Microsoft Security Essentials repack?

I use the following switches: mseinstall-amd64fre-en-us.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck (same for 32-bit version)

But I get a "Click 'OK' to continue" error about revoked certificates (on Win7). (ignore, it was Java that caused the error).

I'd like to make it fully unattended and thought that a combined repack with the updated definitions would be ideal.

Download page: http://windows.micro...rity-essentials

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Yea, I was totally trying to do a mst that would allow me to install directly via msi and also copy the updated definitions automatically but I failed (you can see my attempt here)

As for a "repack" that is silent you could not use the SFXCAB.exe because the options are very limited (you can only point to the exe you cant add switches,) it would have to be done with 7zip sfx but I think I could also add a switch that would automatically install the program depending on arch and could also install the updated definitions if you put it in the same dir as the 7zip installer

I'm thinking something like this

RunProgram="%%P\\setup /s /runwgacheck /o"
;Use /ai to install definition updates (in same dir as installer) automatically
AutoInstall="%%P\\setup /s /runwgacheck /o"
AutoInstall="x86:\"%%S\\mpam-fe\" /q"
AutoInstall="x64:\"%%S\\mpam-fe%%P\" /q"

Edit: Here it is in case anybody wants to test it


MD5: aef9b6c1953657a8f4690ad49632ee2a

Size: 11.3 MB

Download the definition updates (to be used with /ai) from KB971606

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I use the following batch file to take care of it. Works fine for me.

ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" ......................
ECHO Installing Microsoft Security Essentials & ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 Installing Microsoft Security Essentials
IF "%ARCH%"=="64" (
%CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mseinstall-amd64fre-en-us.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1
%CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mpam-fex64.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1
) ELSE (
%CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mseinstall-en-us-x86.exe /s /q /o /runwgacheck >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1
%CDROM%\updates\MSSE\mpam-fe.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1

ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" ......................
ECHO Installing Windows Defender Definition updates & ECHO>>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1 Installing Windows Defender Definition updates
IF "%ARCH%"=="64" (
%CDROM%\updates\WinDefUpdate\mpas-fex64.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1
) ELSE (
%CDROM%\updates\WinDefUpdate\mpas-fe.exe -Q >>"%LOGFILE%" 2>>&1

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What kinda progress bar would you like?

Are you talking about a wizard type thing like .net4?

For the time being you can override/enable the "extraction" progress bar by adding /gmX

Display Mode Unpack Where X:

  • 0 - Normal Mode - Native Mode 7-Zip Archiver, I.E. With Buttons "Cancel" And "Close" (Which In The UpperRight Corner)
  • 1 - Display The Process Of Unpacking But Hide The "Cancel", Button To Block The Close "Button" (Which Is In The Upper Right Corner Of The Window) And Press Esc Key On Your Keyboard
  • 2 - Do Not Display The Extraction Dialog Completely (ie "quiet" Mode)

MsSecEs.exe /ai /gm0

For setup install progress IDK what the cmdline is for that, maybe change /q to /passive in my config.txt

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