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Repack installer request?


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I was a happy user of WinCDEmu for a very long time, but lately it made me very itchy - way too many issues, so I went back to Virtual Clonedrive, which I ''left'' because it didn't have .nrg cd-audio support. However, with other complementary tools like ImgBurn, this is really a non-issue.

So, if you could make a custom installer out of this, I would be very grateful. Please remove the default desktop icon, also associate with all supported extensions (.ccd, .dvd, .iso, .img, .udf, .bin, and also .nrg - it's ok with video or data .nrg files, only audio .nrg audio cd's are the problem), and also make sure the unneeded options ''keep history of recently mounted images'' and ''show icon tray'' options aren't selected/pre-ticked by default.

I know it's my second request after Quicktime, but both aren't apps that receive alot of updates, so hopefully if you'll have the time to make these you won't spend much more updating them. :)

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Hi, this is not really a repackaging, but I think it is extremely important. When you make a Windows 8 AIO(x86 + x64), the sources. Net Frameworks , bring in the source folder sources\ssx to install netfx3. The netfx3 sources are the 32-bit version for Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit to 64-bit version of the installer. These sources are used to install Net Frameworks from terminal like:

dism / online / enable-feature / featurename: NetFX3 / All / source: X \ source \ ssx / LimitAccess

You can mix the contents of the images (*.wim) of 32 and 64 bits, but not the installation "sources" of netfx3.

Could you create a merge of .Net x86 and x64 in the same folder and not repeat the same files compared bit a bit?

I programmed a script to know what are those files that are different, but they are in the same location on both architectures, however today brings running and still gives no results. May be useful I leave here.

echo off



echo Mezclando los fuentes de netfx3 de %1 con %2 y guardandolas en %3

set soureFolder=%1

set resulFolder=%2

set newStFolder=%3

set countS=0

call:CountString %2

set countSource=%countS%

echo CountSource %countSource%

cd /D%2

for /D /R %%f in (".") do (

set currFolder=%%f

set "currFolder=!currFolder:~0,-4!"

echo Current !currFolder!

set countS=0

call:CountString !currFolder!

set /a countS=!countSource!-!countS!

set "currFolder=!currFolder:~%countSource%,%countS%!"

set soureFolder=%1!currFolder!

set resulFolder=%2!currFolder!

set newStFolder=%3!currFolder!

echo SoureFolder !soureFolder!

echo ResulFolder !resulFolder!

echo NewStFolder !newStFolder!

call:MergeFiles !soureFolder! !resulFolder! !newStFolder!

cd %%f




::-- Function section starts below here



set string=%~1

set count=0


if "!string!" EQU "" goto endloopCountString

set /a count=!count!+1

set "string=%string:~0,-1%"

goto loopCountString


set countS=!count!



cd /D%~1

for %%f in (*.*) do (

if NOT "%%f"=="install.wim" call:copyFileMerge %%f, %~1, %~2, %~3




if EXIST "%~3\%~1" (

echo Buscando coencidencias para el archivo %~1. Puede demorar....

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('fc /A "%~2\%~1" "%~3\%~1"') do (

set "v=%%a"


set var=!v:~4,2!

if "!var!" EQU "no" (

echo Los archivos %~1 de ambos origenes coenciden.

echo 0 archivos copiados.

) else (

echo Los archivos %~1 de ambos origenes no coenciden.

if NOT EXIST "%~4" md "%~4"

copy "%~2\%~1" "%~4\%~1"


) else (

echo El archivo %~1 no se encuentra en uno de los origenes.

if NOT EXIST "%~4" md "%~4"

copy "%~2\%~1" "%~4\%~1"



Example to run:

./extractDiferenteFile.bat D:\Windows-8-All-Update\Origin-IAO D:\Windows-8-All-Update\Win-EnterPrise-X64 D:\Windows-8-All-Update\MergeTest


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How did your Microsoft Security Essentials project work out? I wanted to have a look at your installer, however it appears the links are now dead. Cheers and Regards.


Yea, I was totally trying to do a mst that would allow me to install directly via msi and also copy the updated definitions automatically but I failed (you can see my attempt here)

As for a "repack" that is silent you could not use the SFXCAB.exe because the options are very limited (you can only point to the exe you cant add switches,) it would have to be done with 7zip sfx but I think I could also add a switch that would automatically install the program depending on arch and could also install the updated definitions if you put it in the same dir as the 7zip installer

I'm thinking something like this

;!@Install@!UTF-8!GUIMode="2"RunProgram="%%P\\setup /s /runwgacheck /o";Use /ai to install definition updates (in same dir as installer) automaticallyAutoInstall="%%P\\setup /s /runwgacheck /o"AutoInstall="x86:\"%%S\\mpam-fe\" /q"AutoInstall="x64:\"%%S\\mpam-fe%%P\" /q";!@InstallEnd@!

Edit: Here it is in case anybody wants to test it

MD5: aef9b6c1953657a8f4690ad49632ee2a
Size: 11.3 MB

Download the definition updates (to be used with /ai) from KB971606
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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't have a request, but I would like to know which is the best way to extract iTunes installation files, I wanna create a custom iTunes installer and lite version of course, I wanna make its installer much smaller.


What do you recommend?


What really is the best way to extract .exe or .msi files to archives and then re-compile them to .exe or .msi files.

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Well I gave iTunes a shot and was not able to slim it down much


- Extracted iTunes setup (7zip can do it)

- Edited AppleApplicationSupport.msi and AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi to remove vc runtimes

- Created admin install of both installers above (universal extractor can do this)

- Used InstEd to rebuild them (right click the CAB in the Media table and choose Rebuild)

- Recompressed *.msi and setupadmin.exe with cabarc using LZX:21 (the default installer cab is LZX:15)


Open cmd prompt and run this


cabarc -m LZX:21 -p -r N ..\iTunes.cab *.*

- Used a resource editor like Resource Hacker to update RCData\CABINET resource of the installer with iTunes.cab


Did not even slim by 1MB, and when I repack the installer doesnt run properly

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  • 1 month later...
Net frameworks in the Turkish language,


# Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Sp1

# Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Sp1 Turkish Language Pack

# Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 SP2

# Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Turkish Language Pack

# Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 SP2

# Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 SP2 Turkish Language Pack

# Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Sp1

# Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Sp1 Turkish Language Pack

# Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Client Profile

# Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Client Profile, the Turkish Language Pack

# Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Extended

# Microsoft.NET Framework 4 Client Profile, the Turkish Language Pack


Xp home edition up to date to get a single silent installation package

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sir, would you like to repack for me the .net framework 4.5 without update (.net framework 4.5 only), because i need this for fast install using SetupComplete.cmd for install my win 7 sp1 iso, because the .net framework 4.5 that include updates is too long to install during Setup, so i need without Updates of .net framework 4.5

thnx before

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You may have my installer confused with another.

My updated .net 4.5 does NOT take any longer, because I have integrated the updates replacing the old outdated files...if anything this saves time because you don't have to later install all the updates one by one

I have also tried to help others improve/make their .net 4.5 installers install faster. So yea, you definitely have my installer confused with another (the size of the repack one is misleading, this is due to better cab compression.)

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Saludos desde EC, tengo una inquitud: por que no tomar el instalador de Shockwave_12.0.4.144.exe

desempaquetarlo, quitar todos los adicionales que pide instalar y reempaquetarlo

la version que anda por aqui es del doble de tamaño a que se debe eso

asumo que reempaquedo deberia ser mas pequeño o igual

No compredo



Me olvide si saben como instalar esta version desatendida favor indicar, ya he probado con los metodos conocidos y nada sale la ventanita pidiendo instalar crome

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