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Win Toolkit Waiting


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Still having problems with the program,downloaded the version ran it added 74 patches all turned up "pink",nuts..

The next day a new version came out,this time all patches came up "green",great i though this time it will work..

I waited 3 hours and 48mins and still was not complete.... :censored: !!

This what came up..."3 hours 48 mins Image 1 of 1 [30% 5:17mins Remaining] Saving Image [Windows 7 Ultimate]....

RTLite never took this long.....

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All i did is open the folder where my patches are eg: Jan2011/ open the folder select all patches in the folder and add them then on to the next folder

Feb2011/ etc until all patches until June2012 are added a total of 74 patches.

is this what iam doing wrong should i put ALL patches into one folder,and open it up select all and then add them..?

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Yep....they all came up green which i "hope" means they was okay,i waited over 3 hours and it still did not finnish and the progress bar did not move over 30%.

I just wonder how long i have to wait before it finnishes ....

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I still have problems with last version, a few updates still are not listed (for example windows update agent cab files, KB971033, kb958488 if is in cab in msu works, and a few others)

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I use GData TotalCare 2013...Firewall & Anti-virus disabled plus no internet also....

RT7Lite crap...i do not think so...

rt7lite was built by a bunch of no good meaning hackers and is like using a 50 pound sledge hammer when a scalpel is needed.

If you like it so much stick to it.

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@ Lego i dont know what you changed in 1.4.32 but i integrated 377 hotfixes ldr,qde mode in just 25 minutes.last time it took 3-4 hours,simply cool im going to test image now if all is well this version is my keeper.brilliant work mate.oh and about rt7lite there is no comparison wintoolkit really is so much better.

could an option of select files and folder be added to updates selection as keep opening individual folders gets really annoying.

ok mate just tried my image and only 54 hotfixes were integrated not 377 no wonder it was quick.i definatelty added 377 to updates list and progress bar showed integrating 377 of 377.

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I haven't tried the latest version yet buy I always have my TEMP & MOUNT on my SSD ...is that what you do?

Using, with 106 Updates (.msu) an 48 Silent-Installer:

1h 20min with WinToolkit-Temp on HDD

37 min with WinToolkit-Temp on SSD!

All is working fine.

Regards, Thiersee

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