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Windows Post-Install Wizard style options!


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How about a box/dialogue just like windows post-style wizard (for xp) where numerous ticks can be placed for the appropriate item/s to automatically downloaded, ie where we can tick say, firefox, winrar, kels/runtimes. net framework,

and so forth and click the go fetch button and all to be downloaded in their .wa or and silent install flavour.

For those that do not know what windows post-style wizard is take a peep here!


something like this would be really great to download all at once the apps we want!

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Change 'ware' to 'where' so doesn't get confused with talking about warez
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I can't make a program exactly like someone else's, besides why make a program that already exists! :P

Anyways it would be a lot easier for someone just to make a .WA addon with WPI in it, that would get your desired needs. Besides i can't guarantee a network connection for all the downloading to work.

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Yeah the wpi look was not intended to be cloned :doh: its just a general idea, but a good one at that for us muppets! :grin:

Wpi as we know it is intended to install addons after os install, what i was saying is to go fetch the addons you require to be INTEGRATED along with the win updates ect!.

On the subject of clone, can this not be concidered a clone of wpi! http://ninite.com/! now this in win toolkit would look great!

Its a pity this proggy dont work with xp.

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yeah got that, and understandable. good work on the win toolkit by the way!

Iv only actually used to to combine x86 x64 to 1 iso at the moment, i have all updates for both to date but a little confused on the way to integrate them as there are meny folders and a .bat file. any chance on how to implement them as its a different concept to nlite.

i have read most of the guides, other than adding all updates manually from each folder, is there a specific way!

After searching im none the wiser and the video of britec, well i downloaded it from youtube just after he put it up as im subscribed to him!

i am a heavy nlite user for xp and im still on xp, but do have win 7 x64 partition for the odd game that requires win 7.

I look forward for updates everytime i swich on my pc, well when im not playing Sniper Elite on line that is! :dancing:

Actually theres a lego*********** on the Sniper Elite v2 forums........................................



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Dam! didnt know the type *.msu bit, giving it a go now! shame about the sniper, could have gave a thrashing or got thrashed!

good game free to play on line bloody amazing facing the polish cheats!

using interprise ed for my win 7 partition, wana use updated ultimate or pro for gaming, so still a lot to learn here!

Outa work so cannot Donate $$$$$ for the forum running, got some spare cpus and some memory inc laptop i dont need!

thanks again for the info

muffy...spose ill rechange my name to my propper first name

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Blimey..iv lost my memory.......... :dancing:

heh..well iv just found the few i have left, im sure i had more but....

2 sticks of crucial DDR2 512 megs 5300

1 (acer branded) DDR2 1 gig 667

1stick (HP Branded DDR3 1 gig 1000 Known also as PC3 being DDR 3

1 stick (elpida branded) DDR3 2gig 10600

5 sticks DDR2 laptop mem

6 pentium 4 775 cpus best one being E550

1 AMD cpu 64x2

been building frends pc's for years, get cash and usally their old parts.

Along as others do, i build my own pcs up. mines a i5 2500k system would have liked a i7 but the extra £100 on top wasnt worth it to me!

i got these for sale

ipod classic 160 gig had about 3/4 hours use in all the time iv had it

archos 5 60 gig media player, its got some episodes of castle on it at the mo.


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