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  1. I don't know is this the right section for this. But yesterday all my firefox bookmarks suddenly disappeared when I started my computer. I don't know why that happened. And that is the 2nd time ... I don't know first time this happened was a year ago or something. Is there any way of getting those back? And does anyone know why? :crying_anim02:
  2. Rin

    Funny videos

    This one to start with ... it's sooo LOL! :lol: http://www.purple-twinkie.com/FlashMovies/swf/endofworld.swf Then a bit of Star Wars ones: http://www.onedigitallife.com/2006/04/05/j...-vader-round-1/ http://www.funny-games.biz/animations/52-g...apstarwars.html Iraq subtitle video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7...570&q=funny
  3. Welcome to wincert. I hope you will find out what you are interested in and also stay a while with us
  4. This is like the best quiz I have ever seen on the internet. If you are bored or have few minutes to kill just go ahead...also wouldn't be bad to share what u have got Just click on the picture you like the most ... at the end you will get all info about you in one. http://dna.imagini.net/friends/ This is what I got http://friends.imagini.net/vdna.php?uid=89...amp;srv=iwebhd3
  5. I mostly use FF and I can wait ... I just hope it will be compatible with firefox we use now ( perhaps only the look to change to better) and that it won't have some silly rules for itself like IE has.
  6. My all time favorite: This is a video I found recently ... it's good
  7. 19 Zagreb, Croatia wanna-be-student, web designer
  8. Only 9,62 Gb so far That is around 2400 files. I have a relatively new windows so had to delete much of those I had. But I'm getting them back if I feel like listening to them
  9. Nice ... more Mars mystery :w00t: When I first saw those holes I thought how it was someones bad Photoshop skills. But this article saying how it could be because they are so deep made me believe it. Well we will never know until some robot or ppl get there.
  10. Rin


    lol ok :lol: ... I'll make it smaller in no time Actually I was thinking of putting one trice as big as this one ... good thing I didn't
  11. Rin


    Lol I never know what to write here ... but anyhow I'm new, haven't wrote anything smart in english for about a year or so ... I hope you won't have much trouble understanding me. Except that I hope I'll have fun, learn something new and post a lot.
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