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  1. Ok my friend I will remember this note next time 1st post updated as you request Thanks
  2. Really nice theme N1K Keep up the good work But when I tried to download the link above I got an error telling: "Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available."
  3. Happy birthday Wincert Wish you great success @ N1K ... you are a great guy and really did a great job here :party: :jerry: :guitar:
  4. In this tutorial I will cover some general technical concepts that relate to Linux. You will need this information to understand and perform an installation, which I will cover in the next article. This tutorial covers some of the major terms used in Linux, as well as the fundamentals of how the system operates. Finally I discuss partitioning and formatting of file systems. Linux is a different than Windows, and therefore a lot of the terminology changes as well. Listed below are some terms that you must know to effectively learn Linux, along with a general definition of each. [*]Unix: Refers to a classification of operating system, not a specific version or vendor
  5. Regardless of the attack on your DNS infrastructure, you need to take precautions to thwart off these attacks before it is too late. DNS is a rather simple service, but protecting it can make or break your entire network infrastructure. Even though DNS is a simple database of names and numbers, an attacker can take full advantage of the information that they can glean from compromising the database. Some attacks can be to gather information from your database, only to use that information against you as they build a structure of what your network looks like. Other attacks will put information into your database, in an attempt to have your DNS servers perform name resolutions that they would normally not perform. Regardless of the attack on your DNS infrastructure, you need to take precautions to thwart off these attacks before it is too late. DNS Basics DNS, Domain Naming Service, is a service that resolves IP addresses to names. The key here is to understand which names we are talking about. As the name indicates, DNS stores domain related information. For example, Active Directory uses DNS to store domain names and all of the computer names for the computers on the network. If your domain is named policy.org and the first domain controller in your domain is PDC1, you will have entries in DNS similar to that: Figure 1 DNS entries for the first computers in your Active Directory domain Notice in the previous figure that not only is there an entry for PDC1, there is an associated IP address for PDC1 of X.X.X.X. The reason there is an IP address associated with the name is that your computer and other services on the network don
  6. What is a Disk Cluster? Also known as
  7. Well, For me I tried to use the default setting for XP Services and tried the mentioned above settings, and there was a good differences in performance according to what happened with me!
  8. Thanks a lot I am glad you like it More on the way Hold your breath for the coming soon!
  9. Scenario: You want to install Vista on your PC alongside your XP installation, on the same drive. You have already installed XP. Tutorial Summary: We're going to use the DISKPART utility on the Vista DVD to shrink the Windows XP partition on the hard disk and create enough space for an installation of Vista. We'll then install Vista and use the EasyBCD utility to modify Vista's bootloader to get XP loading properly. DISKPART can shrink NTFS partitions and it's certainly the more convenient option, but on some systems using DISKPART to shrink the volume will fail, with an vague "Access is denied" error. This may have something to do with different disk controllers, as this was a problem on the AcerPower test system which has a SATA hard drive, but not on the VMWare system which uses a virtual IDE controller. So we'll cover both processes. This tutorial was tested on a VMWare Workstation 6 virtual machine and an AcerPower SK50. Get Started - Using GParted We assume that before you start this tutorial, you have backed up the drive (partitions and data) that will host the two operating systems. Your first step will be to modify the Windows XP system partition to make space for Vista using GParted The GParted Live CD ISO is available HERE
  10. You are welcome I love to do tutorials a lot, soon you will find many other in different topics.
  11. I was always looking for such a little tool to do such a thing Cool
  12. Long Live Mr. McNally :yay: :sorcerer: :cheff:
  13. Learn to use the 'Services', they are powerful and control much of WindowsXP. Without mastering the 'Services', you'll be forced to run programs in the system tray for all eternity!! Windows XP (despite what some people will say) is the fairly excellent product of many years of operating system evolution and represents one of the most powerful yet easy to use interfaces around. In fact, Microsoft even managed to get a couple Linux guru's to admit to this, reportedly. On the other hand, WinXP is a processor and memory resource hog which often seems to run much slower than it should based on the work it is doing. The reason for this occasional slow performance is the same reason why Microsoft Windows XP runs considerably slower than Windows 2000 at times, despite being based off the same basic platform: It's what's going on in the background. Every modern operating system needs to run certain processes constantly regardless of what other programs and operations are currently active and regardless of what the user may be doing. These background processes may be used to detect new hardware, monitor the network for incoming data, or a variety of other things that require the operating system to pay constant attention to its surroundings. In Windows XP, these background processes are called Services. We're going to look at what the WinXP Services are and do, why they are necessary, which ones should be running on your system and which ones you can do without
  14. What do you mean, please clear it to me a little bit. Thanks for this tip!
  15. Hi all It was a long while since last time I was here The forum is really grow rapidly and do contains useful stuffs Also staff members are great guys and doing great job The newsletter is very good and professional, it was the thing bring me back here again Good Luck
  16. Very Good man really outstanding skin
  17. I've asked rick before to add this option but he told me that it is not that easy, hope it came true
  18. I did not read this reply before thanks for your help man
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