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  1. which gadgets, icons and wallpaper are u using, waiteng86?
  2. maybe the driver isnt fully compatible? edit: what version of vista r u using?
  3. i must wonder, what theme is that?
  4. The Japanese are hyping Vista SP1's impending release, but a roll of toilet paper printed with highlighted features is kind of uncalled for. If there is one place in the world that any gadget-electronic freak should go to, that is Akihabara district in Tokyo. Numerous stores bring on fascinating number of products, often first in the world. There are also products which are not so usual, nor you can find them in retail or e-tail in western world. Watch.Impress.co.jp T-Zone store TomsHardware
  5. i posted the mario wallppaper pack. the theme in #2 is reaero, found on deviantart.
  6. :w00t: ur right, it does look good w/ MCE luna
  7. Mario wallpapers! found these on deviantart. Link: http://nosferatwo.deviantart.com/art/Super...ros-HD-81438830
  8. im going to post my screen later, w/o longhorn fusion.
  9. right click start select properties, click the start menu tab, click customize, and at the bottom of the box, there will be a section to change email and internet programs.
  10. vista. its on aeroxp. not out yet, bout 85% done.
  11. im waiting for longhorn fusion to come out. wont post my desk for a while.
  12. :w00t: :thumbsup_anim: WOW!!! and Kels, whats with the pink theme?
  13. called ubericon, made by punksoftware, who makes rocket dock. not sure of the site.
  14. sweet... hi def for under a buck... too good
  15. LINK click the link in first post!! also: LINK oh yeah, save the screenies
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