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  1. Thanks a lot Kels for this updated version :thumbsup_anim: it will be a part of my new test build...
  2. Thanks for those ones, I know someone that will be happy to have them :thumbsup_anim:
  3. What Motherboard do you have? Company and model plz...
  4. Happy birthday N1K, have a good one! :icon_cool:
  5. The first link isn't down... It lack the filename "Ricks_7-Zip4.56b_AddOn.rar" in it... Just add the filename at the end of the adress when you get the error page :icon_cool:
  6. YOu can find one Here on RogueSpear's Forum... Hope it can help you Helmi. :icon_cool:
  7. Happy Birthday Wolf! Have a good one m8!
  8. I first hung on MFSN before going to RyanVM and Wincert. Now I try to visit those three as often as I can and I'm starting to do some windows modding on my XP pro...
  9. :thumbsup_anim: HAPPY B'Day to you :sweatingbullets:
  10. For single-core processor: ntoskrnl.exe For Dual-core processor: ntkrnlmp.exe Those are in windows/system32 or in I386 on installation CD (Compressed in cad so they are .ex_ ) And I suggest you to check this page for more information : XP Bootscreen Hack Hope this can help you.
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