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  1. yep... "harlem shake", another stupid thing, I agree. As for pranks, I LMAO watching this one
  2. I think I spotted another bug; this message usually disappears in few sec., but now it won't go away, its been for 10min. I think its stuck.
  3. In AIO, when choosing "add addons+subfolders" or "updates+subfolders", it does not load anything, unless I add them one by one.
  4. If this is the same thing/video, then those kids are just stupid. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/gallon-smashing-prank-videos-hit-raise-legal-concerns-135706213--abc-news-topstories.html
  5. Already mentioned by Husein Pilipovic http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11081-bug-cant-click-cancel/?p=96810
  6. It worked fine for me, no errors. added: KB2670838, KB2726535, KB2729094-v2, KB2786081 and KB2718695-x86.cab (IE10)
  7. Test_14 works fine for me. over a 100 hotfixes, 15 custom addons, some silent installers, all integrated correctly and works. Thanks Lego!
  8. I want to try one more time, double check everything and then I'll let you know. I hope it isn't an "operator error", lol edit: Weird, it worked perfectly this time. Thanks Rick!
  9. I made it silent with VisualAIOsfxMaker3.7 & VisualAIOsfxMakerNoGUI2.7 and got this error, any solutions? ....is it perhaps related to Your post above ? "Updated condlg32.ocx v6.1.98.36 from KB2787115" because it worked perfect with previous installer. Thanks.
  10. Downloaded it last night using FF18.0 with ad-blocker, no problem.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  12. Yes, I do add few silence apps., in $OEM$ using setupcomlete.cmd., but not thru Win Toolkit. It does closed automatically after a "countdown", that's why I said its more like cosmetic thing, not a bug. Little annoying I would say. And I haven't notice that in earlier build. Thanks!
  13. I don't want to make another thread, so I'll post it here since its related to this build. Its not a bug, more like cosmetic thingy, I've noticed that in test38 and test39 as well. I don't add any silence installers via Toolkit and this window pops up. It doesn't show up in test28
  14. Maybe he figured out she wasn't she ?!? :doh:
  15. create folders: $OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS then you put KB2533552 hotfix inside folder (SCRIPT) along with setupcomplete.cmd save this as setupcomplete.cmd and then drop the whole thing in "sources" folder, then save it as an new .iso (I use UltraISO, best for win7, I think) @echo off WUSA Windows6.1-KB2533552-x86.msu /QUIET /NORESTART
  16. I always integrate KB2533552 via $oem$ and setupcomplete.cmd with this code (below), it works and doesnt show up on WU anymore WUSA Windows6.1-KB2533552-x86.msu /QUIET /NORESTART
  17. Which version/build worked for you? I still have some of them if you really need it. For testing only, NOT reporting bugs though
  18. It would be more appropriate to post in Introduction thread
  19. Voted "Yes" I just did another test, this time with test_36, older presets works, all addons and hotfixes integrated correctly. What else I need? Thanks Lego!
  20. Well, I don't have any problems with these KB2574819 KB2592687 KB971033, I just add them with other hotfixes, they integrate fine, no errors at all.
  21. Test_31 It loads up addons and hotfixes very slow. I'll run the integration now and post an update asap. edit. everything ok here.
  22. Hmm, weird, it wont let me see it either. I don't have it anymore, I deleted it last night. Anyway, test_28 works perfect! all addons and hotfixes integrated correctly. Thank You! ps. You could add link in your signature to beta releases?
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