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  1. I don't merry @ all ..... don't believe in this crap :icon_cool:
  2. Scrat what sidebar is this I love it .... looks totally awesome and what system are you using ???
  3. Rick what WB Theme are you using??...looks nice
  4. Nice post cro-man :icon_cool:
  5. Yeah N1K you made it fast and smoothly :thumbsup_anim: I love my Reflection Blue skin...the only skin I really care about :type:
  6. Thats a really nice one...I kinda like it :icon_cool:
  7. ROFLAMO you are just to good to be true :thumbsup_anim:
  8. I better stay by creating graphic images this whole thingy sounds to much work to me :crying_anim02:
  9. Yup I love it too and thats why I laid my hands on this cute little guy
  10. PS isn't that hard to learn. Like everything else....lerning by doing and after a while everything is easy :icon_cool:
  11. I just created a new Wallpaper and thought I write a tut on how to create this Fella. It also is a great help if you just want to know how to create a shiny ORB The Tutorial is saved as .jpg and everybody who likes it can download and try it out :icon_cool:
  12. :thumbsup_anim: that is great my friend and hopefully everything works fine :icon_cool:
  13. Ok here is another one I made. Just created a glossy deviant Mascot "Fella"
  14. :thumbsup_anim: Wow awesome work..Thanks for this Tutorial..Good job :thumbsup_anim:
  15. nope it's not only you....Microsoft internees spit it out :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Nope I don't drive this car....wishful thinking only :dribble:
  17. Looks very nice but I don't use any RB :dribble:
  18. ROFL Cro-man like your sense of humor "DONT PANIC" :dribble:
  19. Here is a very good 3D Wallpaper site but you must be Member in order to download images :icon_cool: CG Wallpaper
  20. That's not right janice. Most Americans do not see Europe as the world leader in scientific research but they mistaken very big. The entire world is under the impression the WEB is an U.S. technology....WRONG WRONG WRONG " The Internet got invited in the Swiss from a research company called CERN (Conseil European pour la Researche Nucleare) CERN and Tim Berners got avarded for the invention of the "WORLDWIDE WEB" The Web began in CERN as a network of in-house computers sites. It enabled scientists from different departments to share daily findings with another one. :thumbsup_anim:
  21. Here is mine for this month :icon_cool:
  22. ROFLAMO :thumbsup_anim: The best video I've seen so far for a long time....this is really a good one :prop:
  23. Hi VIShal GupTA my friend :welcome6ld: Finally you made it here too :dancing:
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