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  1. To all the fans and supporters out there of Samkov's Vista I am sad to announce the end of my releases for Samkov's Vista. However I ask anyone who would like to modify, change, or fix what i never got around to do to please do so, and no permission is ever needed, so feel free to do whatever you like with it and redistribute it however you like. Thank you all for your support and feedback.


  2. well i tried it out and find it quite unusable.

    there are two glaring problems that i could immediately see. i've made a screenshot to elaborate http://img65.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ughbz3.jpg

    out of the two, i think those white shadows around the icons are the worst

    hey ccl0 sorry that your having problems with it, but ive tested on multiple computers, and so have some of my friends, and nobody is experiencing this problem, when u apply a different theme does the glaring problem on the icons go away?

    EDIT: ccl0 take a look at this picture here, make sure your icons are set to 32 this should fix the problem, i noticed your using 48


  3. long time no update, anyways i wanted to let all of you know i have begun my theme work again, the next release i hope will be error free and will be released sometime next week, i have been messing around with some of the bars in the theme and im giving them a squared off look, rather than the rounded off look, also i am going to begin rebuilding them theme from scratch (i hope) which will take awhile

    thanks for all the support

    standby for the next release, coming soon!

  4. Hi again,

    Looks nice, the minimize button does not work through the whole button just a little part of it does.

    I really like the start button and menu looks nice, the font is to small and having open programs that blue color is to bright !!!

    Just my thoughts, keep up the good work !!!

    alright ill keep that in mind, i know the min and max button disent work all the way through, im trying to troubleshoot that 1 as best as i can

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