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  1. I remember once faced a similar problem. What I did was as I remember: Deleted all the partitions so you have the hard disc all unallocated space don't do anything other than this in the first step than cancel the setup, let the system reboot and start again the setup this time do the steps required without making partitions just select the Unallocated space and hit Next. The order in BIOS should be Boot priority set to USB Storage media and First boot device the same USB Storage media. After the first stage of the files copy to system hard disc and reboot change the order of boot to HDD-0 for both. You can split the hard disc to more partitions after all is finished. Hope that helps you too.
  2. Just keep on going at your pace. You do a great job. :type: PS. I can bet you not leave us alone. You kinda promissed.
  3. Does this help? http://adhocshare.blogspot.in/2012/09/windows-7-usb-install-error-setup-was.html
  4. Did you tried Component Removal from Win Toolkit\Advanced?
  5. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10594-is-wintoolkit-compatible-with-windows-8-100/
  6. Rica, this is working great as it is. All you need to do is delete the OLD folder.
  7. That was already requested by me in July http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10017-customize-start-menu/
  8. That tool does its job as described. Say you have installed Windows 7 Professional SP1 than visit Windows Updates to get the latest post SP1 released updates installed too. Windows keeps a copy of every update installed via WU. That tool grabs them from the folder so you can use them later as you want. Update individualy or integrate them in WIM of Windows 7 Professional SP1. That's useful if you build the disc for that speciffic computer as it downloaods only the updates for that specific configuration. Hope thats clear now.
  9. Look in Tools tab, that tool is the last in the list.
  10. It's built in WinToolkit. Look in Tools tab.
  11. I just noticed that starting with version 66 when you changed the antivirus warning message box, on exit looks like this on every newer version. It does not happen in versions before 66. Here is where I reported about the new/modified worning message to disable antivirus. http://www.wincert.n...__20#entry89245
  12. I guessed the same thing, but it's like this about two days when I noticed. McRip did something on server as almost all the updates have the date 07-Sep-2012.
  13. What's happening here? It's only on McRip Windows 7 x86.
  14. What happened with "Close" button? Did you get ridd of it? Just ask. Notice the space on top and bottom of the text box to make it even and maybe bold the title?
  15. Will you make the server status line on Updates Catalog to look McRip server is currently online or ONLINE McRip server is currently offline or OFFLINE You can do it all text or figure out some nice icons for ONLINE / OFFLINE Obviously the text should match the Location: and Type: font size Another suggestion if you make this would be to make it stay visible all the time not replaced by Search box. I'd like to see this under the Location: and Type: or if you feel like, move it to the bottom on right side.
  16. Just looked in the folders and have seen two x86 msu in x64 folder and vice versa. Deleted them from both folders, did a scan and here it is, the same mismatch. Is this normal ?
  17. You told us not to cheat so I don't bumped my thread instead bumped some others. Hope someone is interested and bumping mine too (Not bagging) If not, I'm waiting in line :please:
  18. The same behaviour should be when you select the DVD drive in case you have a Windows disc. I mean, make the option to Browse for DVD drive so you can point the source to DVD drive than Win Toolkit asks where to extract (and create the folder if needed).
  19. Lego, can you put a link for Test download location in your signature or in Download section for easy acces when you announce a new test version so you not have to manually add (forget to put) the link or we to search the forum where was the last link available? I made myself a link in Favorites but thinking to new (skiled) users that may wanna try the latest Test version.
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