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  1. I cannot understand how it could take you more then 12 hours But seriously, try to follow EACH step FULLY, (don't think like "Oh, that's PROBABLY not important, but it's most likely is). And then come with some screenshots, or some information, like what you get after that step ... Good Luck
  2. BUG! I tried this at Vista, and i can't open any menu's, like "FILE" "EDIT" "VIEW" "HISTORY", It just flashes, and disappears... And this happens only with FF..
  3. Okay, I like the idea, but, I'v never used MIRC before, so N1K, if you could write a little guide in the first post ? Thanks in advance
  4. I love it ! Awesome theme ! Good idea about the ghost out of the wall!, pretty scary !
  5. What a huge jump! From 26 Jan !
  6. That's true. I just forgot to mention that fact
  7. No problem Cro-Man, by the way: thanks for all this great stuff you are posting here, VERY useful @Bold When I used WPC, I used it because of it's small resource use, WMP10,11 (whatever you like) uses more resources then WPC
  8. Hey Cro-man, you might need to link the K-lite codecs pack, it does include the classic player, and a HUGE load of codecs, so you can play 99% of all media LINK
  9. Well I was installing some stuff on my Vista PC when i got this error code: 0x800706B5 I googled it, and found out that something is wrong with the Event Viewer, so i started it up. But, When I start it up, it just says *Screenie Attached*
  10. Yeah ! ;D Now i am up on 1526 RAM !
  11. http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_DK.aspx Good Night Folks !
  12. Thanks Wolfx2! But, I've just selected my Windows,Users and program files folder, and taken control over all files
  13. OMG, LOL ! Even if i didn't hit as good as you, i still got the same animal like you
  14. OMG ! Tooo Funny ! And i agree with cygnus, What the heck is that written there ?
  15. You mean CUTE Bunnies ! :lol: Lmao
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