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  1. Hello all! As some of you may know, I ordered a laptop a week back. SO! Today I got it! It's awesome, just amazing! Everything works like it should, fast and clear, with the best sound! Anyways, I went to the Experience Index (just for fun). I HAVE already installed all the drivers needed. However, when I press "Update Now", my GPU still rates "1.0", and it still says "Hardware has changed, please update the rating". I've tried updating the drivers, that didn't help, I've tried updating 3 times in a row, that didn't help either. Has anyone an idea about why it's doing this? Any help is appreciated.
  2. LoL! FX sounds kindda cool actually! I might start spreading that one.
  3. Try sending the screenshot into Mozilla, and see what they have to say about that one
  4. ROFL! OMG! 1GB RAM! Firefox is getting pretty sick!
  5. Awh that sounds bad man, well, there you go, reviews aren't always good.
  6. I'll stick to Pidgin on my Ubuntu, and well on my Vista.. I don' t know yet Thanks N1K! a lot
  7. Lol Seems like you've found what you need
  8. Wow, looks pretty cool! However, a bit big isn't it? or?
  9. Well I would said G15 Logitech, but I don't think you are a hardcore gamer type.. and the keyboard isn't that quiet.
  10. Some people just think slower than others.. I guess haha
  11. I just found a 'secret feature' on my Firefox3B5 Ubuntu installation... Try selecting some text, then go to some place in Firefox where you can type text (Search Bar, Address Bar..) and press the middle mouse button (mouse3, press the mouse wheel). and it will paste the previous selected text!
  12. Broken link I know it's old, but it could be cool reading it anyways!
  13. Yep, it's the driver 100%. I can fully confirm that, as I've just re-installed Vista, and my resolution is normally "1440x900", but it won't go above "1200x800", Installed Drivers for my GFX card, and everything running smooth.
  14. WoW! That's cool! What about... Winows 95 running 100.000 open paints?
  15. Too bad it's for 3b+ Hell of a damn good add-on though!
  16. Well, thanks for trying anyways! Wow, this is weird! Now I'm getting I/O errors on booting from CD EDIT: OK; rebooted, working now.. reformatting
  17. Alright, anyways, I don't like the thought that they are building it from Vista
  18. Yes, that's true Anyways, thanks a lot for your help and time N1K
  19. Wow! That's pretty sick requirements! 30GB? A bummer that M$ didn't listened to the users that had a huge problem with Vista, and that it's just not a good enough OS. (I'm sayin that using x64 ultimate, lol). They should build it from XP...
  20. Yeah! Oh well... Going to reformat then. Just a bummer... Just reformatted 2 days ago, worked REALLY GOOD ( No lagg, no pause, no hangs, FULL Vista effects and stuff like that), but well now... It's trashed, even when using the classic theme it laggs and hangs a lot..
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